Here's What Facebook Live's Filters Will Look Like

If it seems like you can't get enough of all your BFFs as dogs/trashed make-up wearers/geometric nonsense on Snapchat, good news! Facebook Live is adding filters like Snapchat's, so you'll be able to live-stream yourself in altered reality and broadcast it to the whole Facebook world. This isn't super surprising, since in March, Facebook bought Masquerade's app MSQRD, a platform that makes filters for selfies and live videos. Similar to Snapchat, the program allows you to alter your face, face swap with someone else in the frame, or face swap with someone on your photo reel. But this will mark the first time that any of this technology will be used on Facebook.

So when is it coming, and what exactly will we be able to do? There's no firm date yet on when this capability will launch, but users can expect it in the coming weeks. As for the face-altering filters, users will be able to test them before they go live on camera, and swap their filters mid-video as well. I foresee a lot of people taking a note from Sia's book and becoming anonymously famous, only this time hiding behind a gorilla filter instead of bangs.

(Actually, dibs on that idea. Don't cross me.)

But that's not all — soon, Facebook will allow users to schedule their live videos. That way they won't come as a ~surprise~ to potential viewers, who might be busy doing something else when they get the notification. (I mean, really, who among us hasn't gotten a Facebook Live notification from the office bathroom?)

And in another few weeks, you'll be able to Facebook Live jointly with someone else. I foresee a lot of long distance relationships getting married over Facebook Live and going viral in the first few days when it's new and cute. That is the forecast I am predicting. BRING TISSUES. And bring your A-game, because this means we only have a few weeks to devise ways to use all this new tech!

Images: Pexels