Rob & Chyna Could Be Getting Married Very Soon

by Caitlyn Callegari

Despite my vigilance over Kardashian news, I was not previously aware of when exactly the first Kardashian-name carrying baby would make its way into the world. So, you can imagine my shock when I was hit with a double whammy of OMG-inducing Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna news. According to Us Weekly, a source revealed that Kardashian and Chyna "will get married before the baby is born in October." So, you know, that gives them exactly... no time at all to prepare to walk down the aisle. It's a good thing they most likely have a team of paid professionals to help them along.

But even with paid professionals and planners helping you out, strategizing a wedding in only a few months is still a major feat. One that is only made all the more stressful by the bride being heavily pregnant during it. I honestly can't imagine. Chyna, my heart goes out to you.

That said, I want to help the famous pair. While Chyna's doing the hard work of growing a baby and all, I am sure Kardashian isn't just breezing by, either. This is his first kid in addition to his first wedding, so I am sure he's freaking out just slightly. Basically, the controversial duo need to get their wedding plans in order and quick, so I'm offering up a few suggestions. October is fast approaching, and all of the wedding details need to be and executed before that time.

Here are six things Kardashian and Chyna need to get a move on with in regards to their impending wedding.

1. A Birth Contingency Plan

Listen, Baby Kardashian is on his/her own schedule. Maybe it wants to be at its parents' wedding in the flesh. Maybe there should be a decked out bassinet involved or perhaps Rob should have a bedazzled Baby Bjorn designed.

2. The Location

They don't have much time, so may I suggest Kris Jenner's mansion? It'd surely be iconic, if nothing else.

3. The Bridal Party

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A source told Us Weekly that Kylie Jenner could potentially be a bridesmaid... but what about the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters? *Whistles*

4. The Wedding Song

Safe to say they probably won't select any tunes by Tyga or Adrienne Bailon. Anything else is fair game, though.

5. The Food

Everyone knows that food makes a wedding. Kardashian and Chyna need to make sure that they can secure a world class caterer by early fall or it could prove disastrous. (Kris has a cookbook, guys! Maybe she could do it.)

6. The Honeymoon

Basically somewhere that no flying is required or a trip after the baby is born. Either option is fine. (And they can probably just leave Scott at home.)

OK, I think we've got it all figured out. I feel better now.