Twitter Stickers For Photos Are Here & Your Feed Is About To Get So Much Cuter

If you're looking to ~jazz up~ your Twitter photos, look no further than Twitter's stickers for photos, which allow users to overlay cute cartoon images on top of pictures they tweet out. Similar to Snapchat's emoji add-ons, users will be able to select from an array of different themed stickers and place them on their photos, with the ability to change the size, placement, and angle of them. Basically, if I don't see a lot more dogs wearing cartoon hats and sunglasses I am coming after all of you, because there is no excuse for this internet dearth from this day forward.

The function will be super intuitive and easy to use, and will roll out to users on iOS and Android over the next few weeks. Once the update hits you, all you have to do is upload a picture and choose from the stickers on Twitter's list, and voilà! You are the photoshop master of your own Twitter destiny. Here's an idea of what it will look like when the rollout reaches your Twitter feed, brought to you by this elephant and a backflipping person who is braver than all of us (do not try this at home):

And the best part is that each sticker is searchable — meaning, if you tweet out a picture with a particular sticker you like, you can search and scroll down your feed to see how everyone else is using the same sticker. I hear the distant rumblings of future memes on the horizon, you guys.

Basically all of Twitter just became the world's giant and adorable scrapbook. Just remember, guys — #sticker responsibly!

Images: Courtesy of Twitter