11 Daily Habits Of Genuinely Happy People That Are Easy To Adopt

Some people just seem to be born with a smile on their face. While it’s unrealistic to think any of us can be happy all the time, it’s still nice to see people who seem to be happy most of it. There are daily habits of genuinely happy people that can teach us a thing or two about the art of being happy. The best thing about the habits happy people have is that they’re really simple for anyone to follow.

Do you ever have those periods of time when you seem to be upset or angry every day? It seems like nothing you do makes the negative feelings go away. While sometimes there are deeper issues going on, for the more superficial feelings of unhappiness, there are things you can do to snap yourself out of it. Just focus on how those really happy people you know live their lives, and try to emulate their actions. Chances are, the happiest people you know have a lot in common in terms of how they behave day-to-day. Are your happy friends the type to keep their lips zipped when the group around them is gossiping? Are they the ones who tend to incorporate working out into their daily regimen? Are they really good about getting to bed at a decent hour every night? Many of things might be ringing a bell when thinking of those happy folks in your life, as these are just a few habits happy people tend to have. Take a deeper dive into these points and more below. Here are 11 daily habits of genuinely happy people.

1. They’re Not Afraid To Smile

There’s a logical reason smiles are associated with happiness — happy people partake in the gesture regularly. Happy people seem to always be smiling because it’s a habitual for them, and they don’t have to force it, according to the Huffington Post. It all comes down to their state of mind, the outlet added, which is super positive — and genuinely so.

2. They Go For Walks

According to MSN, happy people are in the routine of getting physical activity, as it ups those endorphins in the body cause good feelings. The outlet specifically noted that walking briskly for anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes per day is effective in making people happier.

3. They Don’t Play The Blame Game

Turns out, the people who are always quick to point their finger to someone else might be some of the least happy of all, according to INC. The outlet noted the happiest people are those who are capable of taking responsibility, and in turn, those who work to pinpoint things they’ve done wrong in order to do better in the future. INC. said this habit helps happy people to get better at the things they do, as well as more intelligent (and of course, happier).

4. They Don’t Spend Their Life Worrying About Money

Are you one to dwell on financial troubles? Stop in your tracks. Those who are the happiest don’t waste their life away stressing over money, according to MindBodyGreen.com. Rather, happy people strive to have a healthy relationship with money. This means, for example, if you’re struggling to pay your bills, finding a way to make more money (e.g., taking on a second job) or cut back costs (e.g., trimming your HBO package from your cable bill) in instead of sitting around worrying excessively.

5. They’re Incredibly Grateful

Any time I’ve ever found myself in a down-and-out funk, I’ve made it a point to make a list of the things I’m grateful for in my life. Most times, it’s pretty successful in breaking me out of my sad state of mind. According to David Mezzapelle, author of Contagious Optimism , who spoke to SHAPE about happiness, being happy starts with “counting our blessings.” Mezzapelle told the outlet, “If you are not grateful for the good things in your life, you will never be satisfied.”

6. They Avoid Gossiping

In reality, gossiping is not only a way of bringing other people down, it’s a way of bringing ourselves down as well. According to executive coach Debbie Dickerson who wrote an article on happiness for LinkedIn, happy people tend to avoid gossiping first and foremost because it is negative. Also, she cited gossiping as a waste of time. “Happy people will not waste precious time speaking ill about somebody else's life while they are not there to speak for themselves,” Dickerson said.

7. They Spend Time Outside

Oh, a little fresh air and vitamin D can take us a long way in terms of being happy. According to Forbes, the happiest people around us are known to get some UV rays on their skin regularly, as that vitamin D and serotonin from the sun are natural mood enhancers. (Just remember to wear your sunscreen!)

8. They Make & Keep Friends

Friends make us happy — there’s simply no way around it. Therefore, happy people are those who are able to make friends... and keep them too, according to Entrepreneur. According to the outlet, upping the number of friends you have increases your overall level of wellbeing.

9. They Don’t Talk Over People

This may seem a bit out-of-the-box, but stay with me for a moment. When we talk over people, we’re essentially telling them that we don’t care what they have to say, according to INC. This, according to the outlet, makes the listener dislike you and then makes you feel bad as well. INC. said talking over others is something happy people avoid doing. They, instead, practice (and enjoy!) listening to others, asking follow up questions, and making everyone feel good in the situation.

10. They See People Equally

Judging others? Not very high up on the list of things practiced by happy people. Rather, happy people see everyone as equal, according to MindBodyGreen.com. They resist making judgments or pointing out flaws, and accept people for who they are. This could mean differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, political views, and on and on.

11. They Get Enough Sleep

Last, but certainly not least — happy people get enough sleep each night, according to Forbes. The outlet said those who get the right amount of sleep each night are, in turn, those who are more productive and happy the next day. The outlet also cited a really interesting study out of the University of Michigan. The study found happiness was more positively affected by getting an extra hour of sleep each night than by making a $60,000 year income. So, rest up!

As you can see from this article, the keys to happiness are quite simple. By following some of the daily habits of genuinely happy people, you might find your mood enhanced in no time flat.

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