Which Celebrities Should You Follow & Avoid on Twitter? Conan O'Brien, Kylie Jenner & More

When Anna Kendrick once tweeted, “Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered ‘inappropriate,’” the whole world rejoiced because a) Kendrick is the shit and b) truer words have never been spoken. Every day, people strive to have the best Twitter feed, whether it be the most professional, the most hilarious or the most followed. It’s not uncommon for us to make our best attempts at sounding witty to gain attention from our peers, or to psycho-tweet every celebrity ever so we can feel semi-famous.

Seriously. When Soledad O’Brien responded to one of my tweets, I told everyone. She’s a celebrated journalist for those of you who don’t know. But of course, while I’m an O’Brien worshipper all the way, there’s a reason why people like Kendrick have 2.13 million followers while O’Brien only has 327,000. Some celebrities go above and beyond, wracking up followers because of the well-produced content posted to their feeds, while others lag behind for how boring they are, for constantly subtweeting (hate all of you who do that) or quite obviously paying someone to tweet for you despite the fact that your account is “verified.” So for any of you who want to follow more celebrities like Kendrick, or for those of you who need to reevaluate who you’re following and do a Twitter cleanse, here are the best and worst celebrity Twitter accounts.


Abigail Breslin - Sometimes her tweets are like Little Miss Sunshine on crack, and it’s fabulous. However, the best part about Breslin, is that reading her tweets is like reading the tweets from that one effortlessly hilarious friend you have… but she’s famous.

Drake Bell – Honestly, Bell’s twitter is kind of generic. That is, until you see all the Justin Bieber tweets. For some reason, Bell has some major issue with the Biebs and is always out to get him via Twitter. Although I typically don’t agree with Twitter wars because we’re not in middle school anymore, I can’t help but die of laughter whenever Bell argues with Beliebers.

Anna Kendrick – The Pitch Perfect actress isn’t afraid to say what she wants and never censors her tweets. It’s like all those times the average Twitter user types something out, debates whether or not they should tweet it for fear of being embarrassing, only to ultimately delete it a few seconds later. Kendrick is like that except that she still tweets whatever she wants.

Olivia Munn – Really doesn’t give two craps about what she tweets, even if it’s this:

Conan O’Brien – Is anyone really surprised by this? A well-renowned comedian, it only makes sense that his Twitter presence is so on point. Need some new jokes to tell at that dinner party next Wednesday? You’ve got O’Brien… but at least give him credit. Don’t go all Shia LaBeouf and plagiarize anything. Not cool.

Steve Martin – Equally hilarious as O’Brien, the best part of Martin is that he regularly responds to his followers. Also, you’re kind of like, “This can’t be the same guy who is in Cheaper by the Dozen,” because Twitter Steve Martin is superior to everything else Steve Martin.


Kylie Jenner – I obsess about the Kardashians and the Jenner sisters as much as the next person, but Jenner seems to tweet her personal baggage quite frequently on social media. Plus, she’s only 16. I don’t care if you’re a celebrity or not. Nobody wants to read a 16-year-old’s tweets. Amiright?

Justin Bieber – Always with the cryptic tweets.

Kim Kardashian – Look. When you have almost 20 million followers on Twitter, you should at least bring a little voice to your tweets. Must we know everything about Kanye West’s performances and your baby? Also, don’t be shocked if you notice that Kardashian’s tweets mostly look like this:

Leonardo DiCaprio – Leo will forever be my husband, but I really can’t when major celebrities get Twitter handles just to have someone else tweet for them. We all know he is out to save the world, but when you tweet something like this every day, we can tell it’s not actually you:

Anthony Weiner – [Weiner picture here]

Charlie Sheen – Sheen is the epitome of Twitter abuse. We don’t use the site to vent our frustrations. Go get a Tumblr for that bull. Also, are we writing poetry or something?

Alec Baldwin – Twitter beef, paparazzi beef, everything beef? Although Baldwin’s feed does promote

philanthropy, he doesn’t shy away from taking out his anger for the press on Twitter.