Kit Harington's Devastated Response To Brexit Mirrors How Many Of Us Are Feeling

In a controversial move which has split political opinion across the board, the UK voted in favor of leaving the European Union on June 23. With voting results revealing the referendum to have been incredibly close in the polls, with the vote nearly 50/50, it's suffice to say that the decision has polarized UK citizens, with many of them believing that the decision is a grave mistake for the country. One such UK citizen who is clearly upset about Brexit is Game of Thrones' Kit Harington, who was filmed by fans sharing his devastation with the news. In the video, Harington looks clearly somber, and approaches fans while saying, "It's a sad day today, personally... because we left the European Union." He passionately added a moment later: "It's a f*cking terrible mistake, that's how I feel."

It's understandable that the Game Of Thrones actor — who added that he did indeed vote in the referendum — would feel this way, particularly when considering how the move could impact on the UK TV and film industry. Though HBO confirmed in a statement that Game Of Thrones wouldn't be affected by the results of the EU Referendum, there's still the problems that Brexit could cause for the UK TV and Film industry moving forward. In addition to the fact that many productions rely on the help of European funding to produce their projects, there's also the fact that Brexit could make distribution throughout Europe difficult and will likely cause problems for existing production partnerships that stretch between the UK and European countries. While his career is currently at a peak and there's surely no shortage of love for him in Hollywood, that isn't to say that he wouldn't still be heartbroken to see the film industry in his own country struggling.

Aleksandra Pryt on YouTube

Regardless of how Brexit could impact his career, however, it's also just understandable that Harington would be devastated on the same level that many young people in the UK currently are. After all, the vast majority of 18-25 year olds voted to remain in the European Union. Clearly very emotional and angry regarding the decision, Harington's reaction echoes a rising feeling of disharmony among many young people in the UK who feel "betrayed" by the older generation who voted to Leave the EU.