The Starbucks "Orange Drink" Secret Menu Item Is Its Tastiest Rainbow-Inspired Beverage Yet

Starbucks has caused a social media craze with its Instagram-friendly #PinkDrink and #PurpleDrink creations. Now, there's a new colorful treat to go nuts over — and this one just might be its tastiest yet. Ladies and gents, meet the Starbucks Orange Drink, the latest refreshing beverage from the coffee chain's rainbow-inspired Secret Menu items.

FoodBeast got Starbucks store manager Eric Olson to spill the beans (pardon the pun) on the new concoction, which — as its name implies — serves up a delicious citrusy flavor that's perfect to keep your thirst quenched during this hot, sunny season. As Olson revealed, the Orange Drink consists of orange mango juice and two scoops of vanilla bean powder poured over ice. The whole thing is then topped over with coconut milk. Seriously, how delicious does that sound? It's like summer in a cup!

As if that alone doesn't sound yummy enough, customers also have the option of customizing the beverage to their own personal preference. As Olson told FoodBeast, the Orange Drink can be served either shaken or fizzed, depending on your preferred taste.

Unsurprisingly, it seems like the Orange Drink is already a hit among customers. The beverage is garnering a lot of love and praise on Twitter, as highlighted below:

Between Starbucks' Pink, Purple, and Orange Drinks, it's safe to say that Starbucks will have plenty of refreshing, fruit-flavored beverages to keep us refreshed this summer. I can't wait to see what they come up with next... perhaps a yellow or green drink?

Images: Pexels