Jamie Dornan Learned To Walk Shooting 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

You can learn a lot while shooting Fifty Shades of Grey — like about ball gags, riding crops, and the other tools of the trade when you're involved in BDSM-lite mom-friendly fare. The actor who plays Christian Grey learned something, too, but not what you think: Jamie Dornan said he leaned how to walk while shooting Fifty Shades of Grey.

Hold up. I know what you're thinking. WTF? A grown ass man didn't know how to walk? Did he have little children hiding underneath him wielding him along for all of these years? Rest assured, Dornan has been able to operate as a biped for the duration of his existence, but he was never comfortable with how he walked . Aahh, I get it now.

When the actor stopped by The Graham Norton Show , he mentioned that he had always thought he walked in a kinda awkward way, that he walked on his tip toes and was "quite bouncy." So cute, but not a gait for Christian Grey. His wife Amelia Warner tried to help him, too; she tried to help her hubby come up with a better way to walk (ooh, walking lessons)!

However, when he had to dance with his lovely Ana (Dakota Johnson), he realized that it was time to get that walkin' shit together and be a MAN! (My words, not his.) He took dance lessons to prepare for filming the scene, and you know what they say about dance lessons — that's where MANLY WALKS ARE BUILT. Dornan said the footwork was "like foxtrot, it was very classic." Ooh, classic.

Still, it wasn't easy for the actor. He said, "I was really struggling with it, and the dance teacher said, ‘you know what you need to do. Just think about it as walking', and I was like ‘okay" which is funny because remember? Dornan HATES HIS WALK!

Anyway, he figured out the solution! Heel-to-toe. AAH, that's how to walk like a powerful man! That's how Christian Grey moves his feet!

And you thought it was going to be about anal probes or something. NOPE! Totally G-rated! This must be the one G-rated thing someone would learn while prepping for this movie (even though there will be minimal sex in the movie because apparently sex is NSFW, but duh). Still, we can find out all of this — and what Dornan's new, confident walk looks like — when the film drops its sexy self in theaters next Valentine's Day. Mr. Grey will see you then.

Oh, and you can watch the clip of Dornan's awkward walk!

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