The 'Are You The One?' Season 4 Cast May Not Have Found Their Matches Yet, But They've Found Drama

Many television shows have tried to turn love into entertainment before, but none have been able to turn it into a sport the way Are You the One? has, making the potential lovebirds compete to figure out everyone's perfect match and win the $1 million prize. As the first two episodes demonstrated, the cast of Are You the One? Season 4 is prepared to not just fall in love, but fall in drama with one another as they attempt to find their "perfect match" before the season is over.

Like most reality dating shows, Are You the One? hasn't spawned very many lasting couples. Only four of the pairs are currently still together, though one couple, Ethan Diamond and Amber Lee, are married and have a young daughter, something that just a select few Bachelor or Bachelorette couples have gone on to do. So there's only a small chance that the pairs joined during AYTO Season 4 are going to find a happy ending. But that doesn't really matter, since the show isn't just about these kids falling in real, lasting love — there's also a lot of money at stake.

Even in just three (now four) seasons, Are You the One? has created some very entertaining TV stars. And the Season 4 group is already on its way to making another great season of television. There's a whole bunch of them, so let's do this introduction rapid-fire style.

Cam Bruckman

A cowboy with a big heart and the body of a professional basketball player. And he's really, really patriotic — he's got an American flag shoulder tattoo.

Cameron Kolbo

He's got a lot of feelings, which could be a liability or a benefit. He's ready for a shirtless opportunity whenever possible.

Giovanni Rivera

He's an MMA fighter, and he's already hooking up after just two episodes. Will "Kaylanni" be able to last and grab that prize? I feel like Giovanni is not accustomed to losing...

John Humphrey

Super-confident. Just the right amount of stubble. Judging from his wardrobe, a serious day job in Los Angeles. And he's already suffered his first heartbreak on the show.

Morgan St. Pierre

If his dad is any indication, he'll be ripped for life. And that's probably why his Instagram is a shrine to examining his abs from every angle possible.

Prosper Muna

College football player turned musician — the question is whether he's genuinely looking for love, or just looking to raise his profile.

Sam Handler

And, weirdly, another college football player, who looks like kind of a skate punk Tarzan.

Stephen McHugh

Tats, hats, and a constant sense of humor. But he might be using his fast-talking personality to overthink the game.

Tyler Norman

Former serviceman, current bandana-wearer. But if you have to promise that you're not a player in a selfie caption, I'm not very inclined to believe it.

Asaf Goren

A professional dancer who isn't afraid to show off his moves, which should make for some very entertaining episodes.

Alyssa Ortiz

A sorority sister looking for something more serious, she loves bright colors and isn't afraid to smile on Instagram.

Camille Satterwhite

The type who would appear on an MTV series but keep her Instagram private — Camille does not follow the rules. But that doesn't mean she's not nice, as she plans to create a nonprofit for young dancers.

Emma Sweigard

She's a blogger who spills all of her feelings, beauty secrets, and .gif reactions to the entire Internet. A good sign for someone who will need to be vulnerable enough to fall in love onscreen, but she shouldn't stay too vulnerable, because she's already been a part of a love triangle.

Francesca Duncan

Great singer, even greater hair. MTV is hinting that she may have been in an unhealthy relationship, so maybe AYTO is where she can finally move on.

Julia Rose

She loves hard liquor and being tough, so it shouldn't be surprising that she's not the type to let guys off the hook easy.

Kaylen Zahara

So, will this beachy, laidback gal stay with Giovanni, or will they ultimately split, like most AYTO pairs?

Mikala Thomas

Travels nonstop, and seemingly with neverending energy. Her best companion to date is probably her shaggy golden retriever — what guy can compete with that?

Nicole Brown

Nicole may be sweet, but she's not that harmless. She did dress as Cruella De Vil for Halloween last year, after all.

Tori Deal

A tiny, blonde, female rapper? She's already gotten the cosign from her costar, Prosper, even if they're not in love.

Victoria Wyatt

So far, Victoria's best relationship on Are You the One? has been her friendship with Tori, but romance with her perfect match is definitely on the horizon. The good news is, even if that romance doesn't last, she'll still have her friend.

Hopefully, the entire cast of Are You The One? will walk away with their shares of the $1 million prize and some lasting relationships.

Image: MTV