Tina Knowles Accepts Beyonce's BET Award & It Was A Sweet Moment

Beyoncé is the queen of pulling fast ones on us — she releases secret albums, drops singles at the Super Bowl, and opens the BET Awards with a surprise performance featuring Kendrick Lamar and a pool full of water. I was really hoping she’d stick around for some more BET Awards fun, but when it was announced that Beyoncé had won the award for Video of the Year, she didn’t go up to the podium to grab it — her mom, Tina Knowles, accepted Beyoncé's BET award for her.

Now, the alarmist in me automatically went, “Beyoncé’s planning something else backstage and she can’t come get the award!” when I saw Tina approach the stage. Luckily, Tina was quick to set the record straight, saying that she was accepting the Video of the Year BET Award because Beyoncé has a concert in England and had to jump a plane literally right after her performance in order to make it there on time. Tina thanked Blue Ivy and Jay Z for “sharing” Beyoncé with the world, thanked everyone for the award, and then left the stage. I haven’t seen Tina in a while, so it was nice to see Momma Knowles out there on the stage on behalf of her very talented daughter.


What’s interesting, though, is that Beyoncé didn’t have to jet off so quickly to the UK to get to her show. According to the Formation tour website, she doesn’t have a show in England until June 28, which is two days after the BET Awards. Given the time difference and everything, I suppose she just wanted to be there with enough time to prep herself, but come on, Beyoncé! Just a little bit of fun with the Prince tribute? Please?

I know I’m getting greedy, but as with most things, the more Beyoncé we can all have, the better.

Images: Giphy