What Does The White Raven Mean On 'Game Of Thrones'? Winter Has Finally Arrived In Winterfell

Game of Thrones has promised us for a long time that winter is coming. In fact, it's become an iconic quote throughout the series. And now thanks to the appearance of a white raven on Game of Thrones , it seems like that day has finally arrived. Winter isn't just coming... winter has arrived. So what exactly does the white raven mean? In the books, the arrival of a white raven came in A Clash of Kings in order to announce the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. So I think it's safe to say that its debut during the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale means that yet another season has come to pass... the long awaited winter.

Thus far in the series, we've only encountered the black ravens, which the people of Westeros has used to send messages to one another, and, of course, the three-eyed raven which used to haunt Bran's visions. So it will be interesting to see whether the white raven will serve any other purpose other than the symbol of winter.

Sadly, it looks as though we're going to have to wait an entire year to find out the answer to that question. (GoT, I miss you already!) But if Episode 10 is any indication, things are going to pick up really quickly when Season 7 premieres. And now that winter has finally arrived, this game for the Iron Throne should be more action packed than ever before. May the gods be with us.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO