Ukraine Mobilizes Troops in Response to Russia's Occupation of Crimea

On Sunday, two days after Russia's "uncontested arrival" in the Crimea region of Ukraine, tensions are still running high. In response to Russia's build-up of forces in the region, including its seizure on Saturday of military control in Crimea, Ukraine began mobilizing troops of its own on Sunday. Russia has left Ukraine no other choice, said new Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Sunday: Ukraine is "on the brink of disaster."

From Bustle's coverage of Saturday's events:

The new, pro-Russian Prime Minister of Crimea called for Putin’s assistance, and Putin promptly put in a request to send in military troops to the strategically important peninsula. The Russian parliament approved Putin’s request, and now, there are already 15,000 new Russian troops in the area, according to the Ukrainian ambassador to the UN — groups on the Ukrainian side are also now rallying in response.

Despite the fact that no shots have yet been fired, Yatsenyuk has been careful to clarify that he sees Russia's actions as a true invasion of Ukraine. "This is the red alert, this is not a threat," he said late Saturday, "this is actually a declaration of war to my country." In response, Ukraine has ordered its troops to be at full combat readiness and begun mobilizing its military reserves. Nuclear sites are also being kept on tight guard, and Ukrainian officials have begun seeking help from other leaders.

At least internationally, Ukraine's strategy seems to be working. NATO's secretary general has condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine, saying, "What Russia is doing now in Ukraine violates the principles of the United Nations Charter. It threatens peace and security in Europe. Russia must stop its military activities and its threats."

Additionally, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, after consulting ten other world leaders on Russia's invasion of Crimea, said on Sunday that "all of them...are prepared to go to the hilt in order to isolate Russia with respect to this invasion. They're prepared to put sanctions in place, they're prepared to isolate Russia economically." Those sanctions may include a boycott of the upcoming G8 summit in Sochi in response to Russia's "incredible act of aggression."