Daenerys & Jon Are Related On 'Game Of Thrones'

After the huge R + L = J reveal on Sunday night, you might be wondering, how are Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow related on Game of Thrones? Well, now that Jon's heritage has been confirmed, we know he's a Targaryen too. So how does this family tree work? Well, Daenerys' father was Aerys Targaryen, aka the Mad King, and Jon's father is presumably Rhaegar Targaryen thanks to the R + L = J reveal. Rhaegar was Aerys' son and Dany's brother. So, that would make Jon Snow the nephew of Daenerys, which I love, like, a lot.

There's something really sweet about Dany, who has believed herself to be alone in the world, not being alone after all. And, not only is she scoring a relative, but one of the nicest, most decent relatives Westeros has to offer. The same goes for Jon Snow, who believes himself to be a bastard and knows nothing of his mother. When he eventually finds out he has an aunt, and a super badass one at that, he's going to be stoked.

Now, just imagine if Tyrion ends up being a Targaryen too. This lil family is gonna be so great together. It's really all the best people in the show, all sharing one royal bloodline. And, I'm not even worried that they'd fight each other for the Throne, they're all so decent. We'll have to wait until at least Season 7 to see if Jon learns his true parentage, but it's sure nice knowing that he has some people out there that understand what he's going through. Also, Dany is pretty much the coolest aunt you could ask for, so Jon is one lucky not-bastard.

Image: HBO