Cersei & Daenerys May Finally Meet On 'GoT'

Sisters are doing it for themselves, and I am not talking about septas right now. This season of Game of Thrones has been all about the ladies, and the payoff was perfect. Will Daenerys fight Cersei on Game of Thrones ? The two Queens are poised for an epic battle.

At the end of Season 6, Cersei Lannister (yes, Lannister — not Baratheon) was declared the first Queen of the Andals, a title that Daenerys gave herself like, forever ago. However, Cersei's is a little more legit. She's in charge now, finally, whether we like it or not. In Game of Thrones history, one Targaryen women tried and failed to make a claim to the throne. This is a huge moment for the show, and for everyone's favorite wine chugging antiheroine herself.

So, on one hand, I can't imagine that it's already time for Daenerys Targaryen to show up in King's Landing. This is a little too easy. However, it took Arya all of five seconds to get to Riverrun, and Varys bounced to Dorne and back in the span of a few episodes. Either these episodes are taking place over longer spans of time, or the characters are getting much better at traveling long distances. Maybe this is really happening.

Maybe Daenerys is stopping in Dorne first. Maybe Euron Greyjoy will slow down their progress with a good, old fashioned sea battle. Still, this fight is clearly coming soon. How would the battle even go down? Can dragons fight wildfire? Cersei made some pretty ballsy moves in the episode, but she still isn't quite doing her own dirty work yet. I can't imagine her leading an army. Still, it's gotta be a literal fire fight. This is the weapon of choice for both women. King's Landing is surrounded by water. Daenerys had a vision of the thrown rome covered in ashes. Winter is here, but fire is coming.

I'm also interested in who Daenerys thinks she is going to be marrying once she gets to Westeros. There aren't that many choices. Though, perhaps she won't have to thanks to Cersei. The fact that a woman succeeded her own son for the Iron Throne sets a precedent in Westeros and changes history. That's what makes Game of Thrones so delightfully complicated and realistic, despite the dragons and zombies. Even if these two women are ultimately pitted against each other, Cersei still paved the way and broke the glass ceiling in King's Landing for Daenerys.

Image: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO