Dany Has A Big Decision To Make On 'GoT'

When push comes to shove, you can always count on Daenerys to make a strong exit during any Game of Thrones finale, and the closing of Season 6 was no different. Armed with her fleet of ships, strong alliances, and oh, three fully grown dragons, Dany is finally headed to King's Landing to lay claim to the Iron Throne. However, her travel plans weren't the only focus for her character throughout the episode. It turns out that Dany also plans to marry someone on Game of Thrones once she begins her rule in order to establish alliances with other powerful houses. Sadly, this meant that she had to call things off with Daario since she didn't like the idea of having a "mistress" while attempting to court another. So who will Dany choose to marry when the time comes? She certainly has a wide gambit of men to pick from.

One option, of course, would be Jaime Lannister, considering how much sway and political power they already have established in King's Landing. However, it pretty much goes without saying that Cersei would never relinquish the thrown without a fight and I highly doubt Jaime would betray his sister in such a big way. Another possibility would be Tyrion, especially after the incredibly moving scene they had together this week as he pledged his loyalty and devotion to her. But if the theory behind Tyrion's parentage turns out to be true, then that would make the two of them half brother and sister. And even though hooking up with one's sibling seems like the Lannister way, I doubt they'd be cool with such an arrangement.

That leaves me to think of who else could potentially benefit from such a strong alliance and even though it pains me to say this, my mind can't help but jump to Littlefinger as a possible candidate. Now that Sansa has officially turned him down (rejoice!), he may try to find another woman to sink his vindictive claws into, and Dany would be an obvious choice for him. This guy gravitates toward power and given how badass this Mother of Dragons has proven to be, she'll undoubtedly catch his eye.

Of course, Dany is way too smart to fall for any tricks Littlefinger would throw her way, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't have a way to use his manipulative nature to her advantage. He has proven to be a puppet master of sorts for many of our characters, so he could turn out to be a great asset for her. She would just need to know how to use his double-crossing habits for the greater good. (But that's where Tyrion and Varys could come in.) Granted, Dany deserves much better than the likes of Littlefinger. In fact, I'd argue that she doesn't need a man at all in order to succeed in her reign. But if it was just strictly a political move on her part, Littlefinger could end up being the best chess piece to play.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO