Did Urban Decay's Naked Vault Vol. II Come Back?

Don't call it a comeback. Urban Decay's Naked Vault Volume II, which is a blockbuster set that houses six of the brand's Naked eyeshadow palettes, sold out immediately upon launch last fall. That makes a whole mess of sense, since it is a massive collection that offers Beauty Junkies endless makeup options along with some serious savings. Trendmood, the Instagram account which reveals all sorts of beauty news and scoops, posted that UD's Naked Vault Volume II was going on sale this weekend at Nordstrom. Fans of the brand freaked out, since it's such a steal. Are there any of these Vaults left? Is the UD Naked Vault Vol. 2 still available?

You don't need to rush to the Nordstrom site or your local outpost right now, since the Naked Vault Volume II is gone, baby, gone. I checked the Nordstrom site and found that the product was unavailable. There were also plenty of comments in the original Trendmood post, with some users noting that it was no longer for sale, with others posting that they were able to snag one.

Update: Bustle received a response from Urban Decay's PR team about future restocks of the Naked Vault Volume II via email. It read as follows: "The vault will be restocked online within the next few weeks, though we do not have a solid date that we can share yet."

Below is the screen grab from the Nord site. It's not available and here is the proof. Go ahead and emit a big old "Le sigh."

Boo! Hiss! Sorry to get your hopes up on this one. I know, you are legit bummed, since this is essentially the Naked arsenal.

Here are some of the comments from the Trendmood post.

And another!

Instead of wondering why I am telling you about something that just sold out — again!— on the quick, there is one piece of good news to take away from your disappointment.

The Naked Vault Vol. II may have come and gone again on the quick but at least it came back. That means it could come back again. Perhaps for the holidays? Maybe randomly? We don't know. It could be an unplanned and unscheduled, wait and see situation. So if it's the Naked Vault Vol. II that you desire, keep those eyes peeled so you can eventually rock lots of nude, neutral, and smoky eye looks.

Bustle reached out to Urban Decay reps to inquire about future restocks of the Naked Vault Volume II. We'll let you know if and when we hear back.

Images: Courtesy of Urban Decay (2)