8 Common Hygiene Habits Making You Feel Less Fresh

People are always coming up with newer and better ways to feel fresher for longer, but what if some of these practices were counter-intuitive? The world is filled with common hygiene mistakes that actually make you feel dirty, and while we’ve come a long way from the hygiene practices of medieval times (when peasants used leaves for toilet paper and women were given eagle dung to soothe their pain during childbirth), in some respects, I worry that the scales have tilted too far in the opposite direction.

While studying holistic health and nutrition, I learned that the human body is a really resilient organism. It knows to heal itself, and with that comes a whole slew of self-cleaning functions. It detoxifies itself through its filtering organs, it balances oil production to keep you moisturized, and it houses tons of microorganisms on the surface of the skin that actually help to keep you clean and infection-free. The issue, then, is that people have come so far in their search for reliable hygiene practices that they've offset their bodies’ natural cleansing abilities. Habits like daily showers, antibacterial soaps, and chemical-filled products might actually be making everyone feel less clean, and here are the top nine reasons why.

1. You're Showering Every Day

Crystal Body Deodorant Spray, $9, Amazon

When you shower every single day, you’re not only wiping out essential bacteria, but you’re causing your body to produce excess oil to compensate for the dryness that comes with overheated, chlorine-laden water. Skip the shower, but keep yourself feeling and smelling fresh with Crystal's body deodorant spray. It’s made from entirely natural mineral salts that form a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria, but it goes on easy without any residue or sticky feeling.

2. You Wash Your Hair Every Time, All The Time

Drop Dead Gorgeous Natural Dry Shampoo, $13, Amazon

If you only wash your hair a few times a week, it’ll train your scalp to produce less oil, keeping your hair cleaner for longer. Hold yourself over until your next wash with this Drop Dead Gorgeous natural dry shampoo. It’s made from awesome organic ingredients (no chemicals or parabens) that are super-absorbent and fresh-smelling without any residue or chalky consistency.

3. You Don't Use Gentle Products To Tackle Breakouts

Dead Sea Mud Mask, $15, Amazon

Chemical-based creams and washes dry out your skin and compromise the pH, natural oil production, and bacterial makeup of your face. To look fresher (and clearer) longer, reach for something natural, like this best-selling Dead Sea mud mask. The mineral-rich Dead Sea mud cleanses skin, pulls out impurities, gets rid of breakouts, and leaves skin feeling smooth, all without disrupting your face’s natural self-cleansing processes.

4. You're Basically Sterilizing Your Skin

LiviaOne Topical Organic Probiotics Spray, $27, Amazon

People tend to have a “war on germs” tactic when it comes to cleaning themselves, but what some people don’t know is that the skin is populated with tons of beneficial bacteria that regulate functions, self-cleanse the skin, and stop infections. Replenish all these healthy bacteria with LiviaOne topical organic probiotics spray. It has 12 strains of good microbes in a glass spray bottle for healthy, clean, and infection-free skin.

5. You Always Clean Your Hair With Shampoo

Sweet Almond Oil Cleansing Conditioner, $6, Amazon

While shampoos with harsh chemicals strip your hair’s oils so that it feels clean, the better option is a cleansing conditioner, like this sweet almond oil cleansing conditioner. It removes dirt and build-up, all while leaving your natural oils in place, so your scalp can balance itself. Then, your hair can feel silky, moisturized, easy to manage, and cleaner for much longer.

6. You Stick With With Synthetic Antiperspirants

Certified Organic Tropical Deodorant, $9, Amazon

Antiperspirants have been shown to upset the bacterial balance under your arms, as well as stop natural detoxification, which can lead to worse-smelling sweat. Certified organic deodorant offsets the smell with all organic and healthy ingredients that leave you feeling fresh and dry, all without inhibiting your body’s natural functions.

7. You Wash Your Body Using Harsh Anti-Bacterial Soaps

Castile Bar Soap, $19, Amazon

Anti-bacterial soaps can be irritating for a whole bunch of reasons, but the number one issue here is that they may create stronger strands of bad bacteria that contribute to odors and infections. This Castile bar soap is a gentle soap that’s great for sensitive skin. It’s made with moisturizing all natural ingredients like:

· Cocoa butter

· Olive oil

· Palm oil

8. You're Sleeping On The Wrong Fabrics

Nufabrx Bamboo Pillowcase, $37, Amazon

Even if you wash them often, cotton pillowcases easily soak up dirt, grime, and oil from your body and environment. The Nufabrx bamboo pillowcase is made from imported bamboo, and is specifically created to keep your skin and hair feeling fresh when you wake up in the morning. Because bamboo is way softer, more lightweight, and anti-microbial, reviewers are totally loving this one.

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