Who Is Eny Oh From 'F In Fabulous'? The Newest BET Star Really Is Fab

New BET series F in Fabulous explores the life of a clique of friends in New York City, as they work in various style, fashion, and celebrity fields, showing the struggles and the triumphs of living a "fabulous" life. The show is produced by the same people behind #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, so expect the same level of luxury as you see every week in that series, albeit with a lot more maturity. And quite possibly your favorite member of the gang will be Eny Oh, F in Fabulous 's resident stylist and branding expert. She's all of your #GirlBoss dreams come true. Over the course of her career, Eny has been in almost every part of the fashion industry, and now she has her own company.

I think her career experience will make her the wise one of the group on F in Fabulous, since cast bios reveal that Kamie and Savannah are still trying to figure out their careers and just growing up in general. And Stephon may have a killer look that's totally his own, but he's still a recent FIT grad. As the resident grownup (even though she's not much older than the others!), I predict Eny will be handing out some life-giving advice, but based on what there is to know about her before the F in Fabulous premiere, I don't think that Eny will be boring just because she has a serious day job — far from it.

She Owns Her Own Company

Eny's company, Eye of the Beholder EL, is where she collects all of her services. It's a blog, it's a place to hire her, and it's a place to get some inspiration from a very stylish lady. According to Eny's LinkedIn, she's been the founder and CEO of the company since 2011.

Beyoncé Is One Of Her Clients

I'm not sure if it was her makeup, style, or hair services, but "Beyoncé Knowles" is listed on her website as one of her clients. Even if that only means that Eny was once in the same room with the Queen, I'm impressed.

She Wasn't Meant To Work In Fashion

According to her bio, Eny's childhood wasn't filled with fashion magazines or watching tons of music videos or celebrities. She writes that her parents raised her without much exposure to pop culture, so she developed her personal style without the same influences as the rest of her peers, which helps explain why she's so unique.

She Has Amazing Makeup Skills

It's not that surprising, since makeup is one of the services offered by Eye of the Beholder EL, and she was trained as a MUA.

And You Can Get A Piece Of Her Signature Look

If you're not a celebrity, you can still get some styling help from Eny. She has her very own line of extensions, Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL. And proving once again that Eny's client list is legit, Rihanna is reportedly a fan.

She's Trying To Spread A Positive Message

The name of her company is based on the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and even though she works to give her clients outer beauty, she seems to care deeply about making sure that both her clients and anyone who reads, sees, or hears her message knows that.

You can learn more about her fab life on BET's new show starting Tuesday!

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