Who Is Kamie Crawford From 'F In Fabulous'? You May Already Recognize The Former Beauty Queen

The cast of F in Fabulous is going to show just how much goes into living the good life in New York City, which isn't always easy and never slows down for this four-person group of friends. And arguably the star of F in Fabulous, Kamie Crawford, is very young, but she's still on her way to becoming a huge superstar. She already had one major brush with fame, when she won Miss Teen USA in 2010 at only 18 years old on the behalf of her home state of Maryland. And she managed to take that fame without letting it go to her head. Not many high school students would have been able to take that success and turn it into their very own television show in less than 10 years.

Now Kamie has her own show, which follows her and her friends as they work, party, and document it all on social media. And, as people get to know Kamie, I think she'll get a ton of fans. BET describes her as the "levelheaded" one of the group, but, even though she is incredibly relatable, I think Kamie Crawford is going to be a very fun reality star.

She's Tight With The Rest Of The Cast, Especially Eny

F in Fabulous is loosely based around Kamie's friend group. Some shows try to force strangers together into pretending to be a group of friends, but this crew seems actually close, particularly Eny and Kamie.

She's A Model

After all those years strutting on a pageant stage, Kamie knows all of her best angles, and knows how to maximize them in order to sell a garment. According to the bio on her website, she's repped by an agency, so you may start recognizing her on runways or in ad campaigns.

And A Style Expert

Kamie has worked on a daily webseries for People called Daily Style Tracks, where she discusses celebrity trends, like Star Wars-influenced style.

She Wants To Pay It Forward

Eny Oh, another member of the F in Fabulous cast, once worked with Kamie to help bring a very special prom night to teens who have academic excellence. According to her bio, she also "serves as a Global Ambassador for Same Sky, a women’s empowerment organization in Rwanda, which provides jobs and promotes personal growth for HIV+ survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide."

She's Aspiring To Become A Media Mogul

Between her acting, modeling, style expertise, and, now, TV stardom, Kamie is starting to build a brand that can take her to much greater heights.

And She's A Testament To Black Girl Magic

Even at just 23, Kamie has tons of potential, and she's already achieved quite a bit, not just in her pageant career, but also by working on developing a signature style, giving back, and being cast in a reality TV show about how her life puts the F in Fabulous.