Where Are Dermal Piercings Best Placed?

by Rosie Narasaki

Trying to decide what kind of piercing to get next? Well, dermal piercings can make a fun, unconventional option. After all, they're somewhat minimalist, served with a dash of edgy flair — and you can get them almost anywhere you want. That said, where are dermal piercings best placed?

You certainly have your pick — after all, dermal piercings can be placed anywhere from along your collarbones, to the inside of your wrist, to the nape of your neck — you can pretty much let your imagination run free when it comes to piercing site; it's mainly personal preference. (Of course, certain sites hurt more than others — cheek piercings, for example, are notoriously painful).

Pretty much anywhere an under-the-skin anchor can be safely placed is fair game. Dermal anchors can be a bit on the invasive side, so if you have sensitive skin, it pretty much goes without saying that a surface piercing might not be for you. Still, though, they're not always as traumatic as you might expect — piercing expert Brian Keith Thompson described the process to Refinery 29, and noted that they heal fairly quickly (generally in around a month), and that they're not actually that painful.

So, what are some of the best sites for dermal piercings? Scroll down for some piercing inspiration.

The Collarbone

Collarbones are already inherently cool, why not make them even cooler with a piercing or two?

The Cheek

Like the coolest beauty mark/dimple ever.

The Sternum

A simple piercing decorating your sternum as the eye-catching illusion of looking like a chainless necklace — plus, they're a great way to draw attention to your decolletage.

The Ear

Dermal piercings placed right next to the ear are a fun way to show of some of your existing piercings (especially conch and trageus piercings).

The Wrist

It doesn't get much cooler than multiple wrist-piercings.

The Neck

A fun alternative to the ever-popular nape-of-neck tattoo, no?

What do you think? Would you consider getting a surface piercing? If so, where's your favorite spot?