The 'Frozen' & 'Pitch Perfect' Songwriters Are Teaming Up For A New Musical & Yes, This Is Real Life

One of the best parts about musical movies is that (more often than not) the film's soundtracks also come with an array of hit songs for both your singing and radio-listening pleasure. From Disney's hit song, "Let It Go" from the 2013 animated film, Frozen, to "Cups" in 2012's Pitch Perfect, children, teenagers, and adults alike have had these unforgettable songs stuck in their heads for weeks at time. Original movie music can just be too damn catchy. Which is exactly why the musical talents behind these sing-along movies coming together is so ridiculously exciting. Yep, the creative minds behind Frozen and Pitch Perfect are teaming up for a brand-new musical, according to Entertainment Weekly. And it's officially time for me to clear up some space in my iTunes downloads.

Academy Award-winning songwriter from Frozen, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and Deke Sharon, the maestro behind the a cappella performances seen in Pitch Perfect, are working together on a New York-themed a cappella-based musical titled, In Transit. And while the musical following 11 different New Yorkers going about their busy lives is already intriguing enough, it's the thought of the musical's upcoming soundtrack that has me at the edge of my seat. Think about it: we could just be getting our next "Let It Go" — and this time it'll come with more of an adult-friendly angle. In fact, you can even watch a sneak peak of a song from show from when it first started coming together at the Primary Stages Theatre:

Primary Stages on YouTube

Meanwhile, there's still something else to keep in mind: As you could see in the clip above, all of the songs are going to be a cappella. Yep, I'm preparing myself for songs that require me to belt my heart out to every time they start playing. Because, aside from Anderson-Lopez and Sharon, the rest of the creative team coming together for the musical includes the talents of James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, Sara Wordsworth, and musical supervision by Rick Hip-Flores. Get ready for what any musical fan can expect to be lyrics just as powerful as the Frozen anthem combined with the melodies strongly kept together like those in Pitch Perfect. And, given the circumstances of the musical, an entire of soundtrack album should be on it's way that is just as relatable as ever.

But, before you can download anything, In Transit will be opening at the Circle In The Square Theatre in the Fall. And, from there, fans need to keep their fingers-crossed for the soundtrack's possible amazingness and, well, the final release of the soundtrack. The next "Let It Go" is so close I can almost taste it.

Images: Walt Disney Animation Studios; Giphy