Who Is Savannah Lynx From 'F In Fabulous'? She Could Steal The Spotlight From Her Costars

F in Fabulous, BET's new reality series, looks like it could be the next Kardashians — a "family" (in this case, made up of friends instead of blood relatives) who make their everyday lives and struggles into compelling TV. One member of the F in Fabulous group is Savannah Lynx, who is described by BET as "the girlfriend you want in your life" and "fun and outgoing all of the time." Right now she's working on a music career (more on that below), but Savannah seems like she's ready to show off a lot more than just her singing abilities. She knows that this series is going to be an opportunity to get her name out there. That might be why she's actually changed her name — back in the day, she used to be pageant competitor Savannah Schechter; now, she's budding reality star Savannah Lynx.

Because even before the show premieres, it's obvious from their incredibly chic looks and lives that everyone in the F in Fabulous cast knows how to party, but I think Savannah will be particularly adventurous. Keeping the Kardashian analogy, I think she might wind up being a combination of Kendall and Kylie. Kendall, because Savannah is a model, and Kylie because she might sneakily turn out to be the biggest star in the entire show.

She Wants A Music Career

During F in Fabulous Season 1, it seems Savannah will be trying to make her musical dreams come true.

There Was A Very Scary Close Call

A few weeks ago, Savannah posted about being the victim of a drunk driving accident. It sounds terrifying, as she writes "I was told that after the wreck, I had somehow gotten myself out of the car and was roaming the streets like a zombie with blood trickling down my clothes and on my face." Thankfully, she made a full recovery.

She Was Also A Miss Teen USA Competitor

For some reason, Kamie's pageant pedigree is well known, but Savannah doesn't talk about hers as much. But she won Miss Congeniality Teen USA in 2011.

She Turns Up Every Party

I don't think anyone would doubt after seeing Savannah's IG account that she would be a net benefit to any party she attended.

She Is Not A Love & Hip Hop Fan

When asked by BET whether she'd like to hang out with K. Michelle or Cardi B, Savannah said "neither," because she doesn't know either one of them. I'm still confident that Savannah will be able to fit into this group, but I'm shocked that an aspiring musician doesn't know either of these female rappers.

She's Not Afraid To Work

But, even if there's still some gaps in Savannah's knowledge, she seems willing to learn. Take, for example, the message she posted on Twitter back in May — she sounds a lot like Shia LaBeouf as she implores her followers to "just do" the hard work it takes to succeed. And, it's that drive that makes Savannah a good fit for F in Fabulous's group of stylish New Yorkers.