Kit Harington’s 'Game of Thrones' Jon Snow Audition Story Is The Most Jon Snow Thing Ever

Get ready to spend about three minutes getting all the feels or even the chills when watching Kit Harington's video interview with W editor, Lynn Hirschberg. The actor who plays Jon Snow, everyone's favorite bastard on Game of Thrones, discussed everything from his Jon Snow audition to his birthday (day after Christmas) to his fear of always getting killed off on the show (same, Kit, same). Every moment in which words came out of his lightly bearded lips is a true pleasure (and yeah, I am OK with how creepy that sounds) but the best part is Harington's Game of Thrones audition story because it's the most Jon Snow thing ever.

Harington describes how the day of his audition he had a black eye because he had gotten into a fight late the night before at a McDonald's (a place Jon Snow would probs love, right?). OK, fine. Maybe the McDonald's part is not something Mr. Snow could get into, but the purpose for the fight turned out to be something Jon would stand behind. According to Harington, he was defending the honor of girl he was "sort of dating at the time." Defending his lady love? That's got Jon Snow written all over it — I mean, sort of (RIP, Ygritte).

The story began when Harington and the lucky gal had to share a table at the packed Mcdonald's with another couple (because apparently Big Macs are a late night hit in the UK). When the guy at the table started saying "rude things" to Harington's date, our duo decided to quietly finish their food because they "didn't want any trouble." When the rudey called Ygritte — er, um... — this actual real live human, a "fat pig or something like that" Harington stood up and proclaimed "no, you can't call her that. Get up."

Allegedly, the fight didn't go completely in Harington's favor — he hadn't ever been in a fight before and "got battered" by the man who turned out to be a giant (but actually just a tall guy not like one of our dearly departed from GoT). Maybe the actor didn't quite have Snow's hand-to-hand combat prowess but that doesn't mean he didn't have the same soul.

And besides, that black eye might have helped him out as he graciously said to the camera, "I think that man who punched me in the face may have helped me get the job. So if you're watching, thank you."


Brave, honor-preserving, honest, and then fair at the end (he thanked the guy, you know?); sounds like Jon Snow to me. The fact that Harington carries a little Snow in him truly does warm the blackened embers of my heart. I can't wait to see more Harington (and Snow, for that matter) in Season 7 of Game of Thrones — coming to HBO not nearly soon enough. And guys, if you're still feeling a little swoony after that devastatingly charming Harington interview, I suggest just a few breaths of child's pose or the fetal position.

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