What Happens When Heartbroken People Visit The Museum Of Broken Relationships — VIDEO

I've always kept a box filled with mementos from failed relationships. Tucked in the back of my closet is a depressing space for birthday cards, pictures, concert tickets, and even condom wrappers (I'm weird, I know) that remind me of my exes. Turns out, I have unwittingly created my own miniature Museum of Broken Relationships, just like the one featured in a new BuzzFeed video, where heartbroken people get to gaze at a treasure trove of sad AF artifacts and tell their stories.

If this sounds like a major downer, it kind of is. The last thing most folks want to do is dwell on their sadness. But at the same time, it's kind of beautiful that the organizers of this museum in Los Angeles have made a place where you can share in the universal experience of heartbreak.

It's comforting to know however bad your breakups have been, someone else out there has felt the same pain you have. And one way to exorcise said pain is to get ride of objects that remind you of what was, like the woman who donated the shirt she wore the day she got divorced, or the guy who submitted a tube of toothpaste used by his boyfriend before they broke up.

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