Videos Of Paul's Band Before 'Big Brother 18' Prove The Star Can Really Rock

Big Brother 18 contestant Paul Abrahamian has got a lot going on for being so young — according to his bio, he’s only 23, but he has a beard that would make most men weep, a clothing line, some great tattoos, and, before Big Brother 18 Paul was in a band called REVIVER. He calls himself “honest, spontaneous, and energetic,” in his bio, and if he’s as “sneaky” and “observant” as he also says he is, I bet that he has a good shot of advancing far into the Big Brother 18 summer season. But, back to that whole “I’m with the band” thing — I’m pretty into guys who can play music, so naturally, his involvement with REVIVER piqued my interest, and videos of Paul’s band REVIVER show he really can rock.

According to the band’s Facebook page, it’s comprised of Paul Abrahamian (duh), Rane Matthew, Alex Parker, Gene Pietragallo, Jon Halabe, and Antonio Ocegueda. They came together “for one simple reason: to inspire.” Their Facebook "about me" section describes how the band members originated in all sorts of genres, but they’re coming together to create one singular sound that’s “unlike any other.” I'm in.

So, that’s their story, but what does their music sound like? I took a trip down YouTube lane to suss out their tunes. If you’re not a fan of post hardcore music, you may not love it, but give it a try! Unfortunately, there aren’t much in the way of videos with the guys in them — there are a lot of lyric videos. Guess they’re a bit camera shy, eh?


This video seems to be a commentary on drug culture, and it’s nice that the band is using their stardom to talk about something real. On an unrelated note, the lead singer has a beard almost as nice as Paul’s. I’m into it.

"Too Little Too Late”

This video is one of those ones filmed at a live show, which I always like. I think its fun for fans to be able to see themselves in a video (it’s like a mark of major fandom or something), and it shows what a band is like live. Have you ever seen one of your favorite bands live for the first time and been seriously disappointed? I don’t think that would be the case if you went to a REVIVER show.

"Trap Queen"

Okay, so this isn't exactly REVIVER, but Paul posts a lot of videos of himself doing cover songs on his Instagram. He has some Justin Timberlake on there, some Nirvana, etc., but Paul doing Fetty Wap is my favorite. Paul, how about after you get out of the Big Brother 18 house, you record a little EP of these charming covers for us? I bet many of your BB18 fans would buy it.

And, hey, if Big Brother 18 doesn't work out for Paul, he certainly has a future being a rock star.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS