Are Spencer & Melissa Twins On 'Pretty Little Liars'? The Hastings Family Has Many Secrets

Say what you will about the DiLaurentis family, but the Hastings clan has just as many skeletons in their closet... if not more. Last Tuesday's episode sent the theory wheel into overdrive with many claiming that Spencer could have a twin on Pretty Little Liars after a bang-less Spencer lookalike appeared in Hanna's "dream." The series has already delivered us one pair of twins in the form of Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake, so the possibility of another twin pair out there definitely isn't out of the question. But not all twins are necessarily identical, which has made a few viewers wondering whether or not Spencer and Melissa are actually twins.

The idea started during Spencer's super awkward chat with Mary Drake over a cup of tea. At one point, Mary made a comment that Spencer and Melissa look so much alike that they could be twins, and Spencer replied by explaining that they used to get mistaken for twins all the time when they were younger. And while I suppose that could be taken as some sort of hint about the two siblings, I'm more inclined to think that it was a nod to the whole twin concept, particularly in regards to just Spencer. Not Spencer and Melissa.

For starters, Melissa is clearly older than Spencer, which makes the possibility of being twins a little hard (if not downright impossible) to believe. Sure, they probably looked a lot similar as kids, but age and appearances change more drastically as you get older. Can I buy into them being related? Absolutely. But twins? Not so much — though, that doesn't mean Melissa isn't still involved in the A game in some way like we've always suspected.

It's entirely possible she used one of those creepy (and very realistic) face masks to make herself look just like Spencer and then mirrored her sister's voice when talking to Hanna and telling her how to escape. I don't know what exactly she'd have to gain by working with Mary Drake or how she would've known where Hanna was being kept, but this is PLL we're talking about, so I'm sure there'd be a crazy explanation for it that would somehow make sense. Generally, no matter what she's up to, she usually always has Spencer's best interests at heart. But she may know more about their family's past and scandalous secrets than her younger sibling.

Last year, Mr. and Mrs. Hastings were warned that their long-buried secrets could eventually come out into the open, so we know they still have something to hide. Could that involve either Melissa or Spencer having a twin? Was it potentially who Mary Drake was looking after when a child accidentally died under her watch? Back in Season 4, Veronica Hastings told Spencer that her behavior was so erratic at times that “it was as if there were two of you living in this house: the Spencer we recognized and your evil twin, and we never knew which one was coming down to breakfast." Could there be more truth to that statement than we ever realized?


But that's the beauty of this show. We're never quite sure which way things will go. Maybe Spencer does have a twin. Maybe Melissa was old enough to remember it. But as far as the Melissa and Spencer twin theory goes, I think it's safe to say this rumor (much like the body the Liars are likely digging a grave for) is DOA.

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