Getting 'The BFG' A Sequel Could Be A Giant-Sized Task

The BFG should be a highly anticipated movie, to say the least. The long awaited film adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl book has some serious pedigree behind it, as it represents the first time blockbuster director Steven Spielberg has helmed a feature for Walt Disney Disney Pictures. Throw in a score by the chief maestro of the movies, John Williams, and a screenplay by the late Melissa Mathison, who penned E.T., and it would seem that the film is a can't miss. So given all that it has going for it, will The BFG get a sequel?

A sequel is in no way guaranteed. Despite all of the talent and prestige behind the film, the decision to make a follow-up film depends largely on how it does financially, and the movie has some fierce competition. The BFG is occupying some prime cinema real estate with a July 4 weekend release date, and is currently tracking to open at $30 million for the weekend — nothing to laugh at, but with a blockbuster like Finding Dory still in theaters, it might find itself fighting for the top spot.

That said, reviews for the movie so far have been pretty positive — the film currently sits at 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences could see the good reviews and come flocking to theaters, and thus pave the way for a follow-up film. It could be an interesting challenge for the filmmakers to come up with material to base a sequel upon, as there was no sequel to the original book. But perhaps that'll just make them dream up inventive new ways to tell the BFG story.

In any event, The BFG could surprise everyone and do gangbusters at the box office both at home and abroad, and Disney could fast-track a story and get a sequel going ASAP, with many different storylines to choose from. So even if the idea of a sequel looks a tad unlikely at this point, so once did the idea of a big friendly giant starring in a children's book, and everyone knows how that turned out.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Giphy