Derek Is Busy After 'The Bachelorette'

Well, as shocking as it sounds, JoJo's season as The Bachelorette is slowly coming down to the bitter end. It feels like only yesterday we were watching our beloved JoJo tearfully walk away from Ben Higgins in one of the most heart wrenching finales in the history of The Bachelor. Luckily, now it's JoJo's turn at the helm and she has whittled her men down to a few left. The competition is getting pretty fierce and I fear that Derek Peth might not make it until the end. Obviously, the season has already been filmed so what has Derek been up to after The Bachelorette?

Well, according to his ABC profile and biography, Derek was making a living as a commercial banker before he made his way into the Bachelor mansion to compete for JoJo's heart. There's not a lot of info out there about whether not he is still making a paycheck that same way, but he is relatively new to social media. One look at his Instagram and Twitter and you can piece together what he's been up to. Here is some of the things Derek has been filling his time with since filming The Bachelorette.

He's Been Traveling

Derek has been splitting his time between Florida, Atlanta, Iowa, and Los Angeles. His Instagram is full of West coast sunsets and it looks like he has been keeping busy wherever he goes.

He Got A Twitter Account

I know it's hard to believe, but some people don't already have Twitter. Derek is one of those who held out until now, but he has since caved and activated a Twitter account on June 22.

He Surfs

Derek posted a pretty impressive picture of him surfing in Los Angeles well he visited. This guy is pretty well-rounded. JoJo, are you listening?

He Bought A House

Some fans are seeing this as proof that he doesn't make it to the end, but it looks like Derek bought a house in Florida. He posted some pictures of him doing "homeowner stuff." Let the speculation began.

Playing Music

Derek posted a throwback video of him playing a sweet song on his guitar. He captioned it with his hopes to pick up the guitar again soon. Again I say, this guy is like the total package.

Hopefully we will see Derek make it to the Final Rose ceremony, but even if he ends up getting eliminated, it looks like he has a lot going for him. If all else fails, he can be a Jim Halpert look-alike professionally for sure.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC