'Barely Famous' Season 2 Guest Stars Include Everyone From Models To 'Scrubs'

TV's best-kept secret is back and just like Erin and Sara Foster's on-screen personas wouldn't hesitate to tell you how great their show Barely Famous is, I'm here to agree with the delusional divas. And as if I wasn't excited enough, Barely Famous Season 2 is full of guest stars just like Season 1 was. If you didn't watch Season 1 on VH1, you missed hilarious cameos by Rachel Zoe, Ashley Benson, Nicole Richie, Molly Simms, and Courteney Cox (as a sock thief). And based on the trailer for Barely Famous Season 2, you should expect Erin and Sara to get blown off by even more celebrities in their sophomore season.

The Foster sisters' parody reality series shows with their exaggerated and awful alter egos, but what makes it so utterly fascinating and funny is the fact that the Fosters are really part of that absurd Hollywood scene. Erin and Sara are the daughters of record producer David Foster and have a slew of famous step-siblings. Not only is one of their former stepmothers The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid, which makes Bella and Gigi Hadid their stepsisters, they also can call Brody and Brandon Jenner stepbrothers — making them an extended branch of the Kardashian family tree.

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Yet, all of these familial connections don't stop Erin and Sara from mocking themselves and that celebrity lifestyle. The trailer for Season 2 of Barely Famous shows that their TV personas have learned nothing from Season 1 and are just as out of touch as ever.

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Erin and Sara do have real connections in Hollywood with famous friends and they make the most of those links in their VH1 series. So prepare yourself for more Foster sister hijinks by checking out all of the celebrity cameos in Season 2 of Barely Famous.

Chris Martin

Are Gwyneth Paltrow's ex and Erin on a date?? Probably not, but at least Coldplay frontman Chris Martin admits to seeing and liking Barely Famous in the trailer.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler does what she does best by snarkily acknowledging how she hasn't even heard anything about the sisters' show.

Ali Larter

Sara is in need of a new squad (all of the hip kids have one), so she turns to none other than Ali Larter to help create a core group of friends to impress and intimidate others.

Jessica Alba

She's back, you guys. After understandably not knowing who Sara was in a restaurant in Season 1, Jessica Alba appears down to party with Erin in Season 2.

Kate Upton

Sara already thinks she is a big acting star, thanks to her real-life turn in the 90210 reboot, but her acting dreams take flight when she gets to costar with model Kate Upton in a movie.

Kate Hudson

After having an awkward encounter over a Birkin bag with Sara in Season 1, Kate Hudson gets to hang with the other Foster sister in Season 2. Erin appears to have a meltdown while on a talk show with Hudson in the Season 2 trailer, so good thing the Fosters and Hudson are BFFs in real life.

Zach Braff

While Erin might not be dating Martin on the show, she will date Hudson's costar in Wish I Was Here — Zach Braff. He's not James Franco, but Braff should definitely help with promoting the sisters' image.

Cindy Crawford

Sara tries to relate to Cindy Crawford's famed beauty mark to no avail.

Brooke Burke

And she also unsuccessfully tries to bond with Brooke Burke over Dancing with the Stars while at spin class.

Joey Fatone

Although everyone wants to reference "Bye Bye Bye" to Joey Fatone of *NSYNC, only Erin is shameless enough to do so.

Dr. Phil

When tensions get high between the sisters, Sara turns to advice from Dr. Phil, but I doubt that the famed psychologist will have much success getting through to her.

Watch Erin and Sara continue to embarrass themselves in front of Hollywood's A-listers when Season 2 of Barely Famous premieres at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29 on VH1. All of these celebs will definitely make you wish that you could be as barely famous as them.

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