JoJo & Wells Aren't On The Same 'Bach' Page

by Nicole Pomarico

The show's over, folks. Nothing to see here on The Bachelorette. There's officially no reason to watch anymore. On Monday night, JoJo sent Wells home after their one-on-one date, which means this season's national treasure will no longer be gracing our televisions each week. And yes, their breakup (if you could call it that) was pretty heartbreaking to watch, but don't worry — our girl definitely had her reasons. So why did JoJo send Wells home on The Bachelorette? Although there's hardly a reason in the world to reject this dude, she actually made a pretty smart decision.

And by the way, their first date was totally doomed before it even began. Not only did it start with the guys teasing Wells for being the last one out of everyone to actually kiss her (hey, he's shy. No shame in his game!), but he struggled to find the right time to do it once they were actually out together. And by the time they were wrapping up dinner, JoJo decided against handing him that coveted date rose. She just wasn't feeling the chemistry with him, and felt that they were better as friends. And since she didn't see herself dating him, she had to let him go. Respectable. Sad, but respectable. She did the right thing, if you ask me.

If you're pissed about this, you're not the only one. Twitter freaked out at Wells' departure, and can you blame these fans? Wells is a perfect, precious little baby who is far too good for The Bachelorette and our world in general.

Wells may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. #WellsForBachelor2K17, anyone? I'm already on board.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC