9 Shark Week Memes & Tweets That Prove Sharks Aren't Always Scary

Since 1988, Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" has enchanted audiences nationwide. If you're anything like me, you like your entertainment (shark-related or otherwise) with a heavy dose of Internet tomfoolery, and social media jokesters oblige in kind by crafting these funny Shark Week memes and tweets that tickle me almost as much as watching terrifying marine predators swim around on my TV for a week. They're not alone in joining in on the zeitgeist: Shark Week is so popular, it's inspired an eponymous rock band, countless recipes and my favorite period meme.

Whether you want to know how sharks get it on (no judgement during Shark Week) or which shark is the baddest of them all, there's something for everyone in this magical week that happens every summer. Because really, what's more fun than taking a break from relaxing on the sand and in the waves than tuning in to a week's worth of programming dedicated to everyone's worst beach fear?

Whether you're a fair-weather Shark Weeker, a die-hard sharkster, or are really just her for "snark week," Twitter, like the Discovery Channel, has something for everyone. Below are some of the best Shark Week jokes and memes around to scroll through during commercial breaks.

My Sharks Don't Lie

Does anything scream "Shark Week" louder than someone in a shark costume dancing to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie"?

Size Does Matter When It Comes To Sharks

Don't go in the water, puppy!

Don't Believe The Rumors!

The truth is finally revealed.

Shameless Shark Self-Promotion

Because even dentists (and TV-watching anthropomorphic sharks) want to get in on the fun.

When Worlds Completely Collide

Interestingly, I made this exact face after watching The Return of Monster Mako .

The Fear Of Sharks Is Too Real

Doug is clearly onto something. Related: Has Doug the Pug ever done anything that wasn't adorable?

Don't Try This At Home

That's one way to beat the summer heat...

Sarcasm > Sharks

Because it's just not "Shark Week" without a little bit of snark.

Sharks On A Plane

I'd love to hear Samuel L. Jackson star in this film. Sharks on a plane are way more frightening than snakes on a plane.

Shark Week 2016 has already proven to be excellent, and there's so much more to come. These tweets prove that social media commentators are as adept at celebrating pop culture as they are at analyzing world events.