When Is John Oliver Back? 'Last Week Tonight' Takes A Long Hiatus In July

Everyone's favorite late-night host has been rolling out incredible segments on Last Week Tonight, but on the June 26 episode it was announced that the show would take a hiatus in July. This long break left me wondering: When is John Oliver back? The month of July will be a lot less enjoyable without Last Week Tonight to look forward to every Sunday evening.

The last episode left all of us wanting more from Oliver; he explored things like doping scandals among Olympic athletes, which is certainly a serious issue, but added his classic comedic twist to the segment. In the same episode, Oliver explained Whole Woman's Health on the eve of the historic Supreme Court decision, in which he perfectly summed up the issues with the existing HB2 law: "When you’re that insistent about women’s health, it starts to sound suspicious. It’s like having a folder on your computer called ‘Definitely Not Porn.’ You’re not fooling anyone."

And let's not forget past gems from the first half of the current season of Last Week Tonight: Oliver argued against the NRA in light of the Orlando mass shooting and he defended Justin Trudeau after #ElbowGate just to prove it wasn't really a scandal after all.

Although Oliver won't be back until July 24, the silver lining is that the first half of season 3 has been incredible, so it's almost guaranteed that the remaining 18 episodes will be even better. What's more, season 4 of Last Week Tonight is already contracted with HBO and it will begin in early 2017, so there's no shortage of Oliver and his show moving forward after this month-long hiatus.

Until then, you can watch old episodes of Last Week Tonight to get your fix of informative (and hilarious) news from the past. And don't forget to mark your calendar for July 24 — the triumphant return of what's sure to be a strong end to season 3 of Last Week Tonight.