The Rain Has Ceased on The Oscars Red Carpet... For Now

Guess what? It’s raining in L.A. right now, and everyone is shocked… again. After Los Angeles experienced a significant rain storm this past Friday, sending everyone into a frenzy, (which I don’t understand because I’m from Virginia and it rains quite frequently) celebrities took to social media to express their opinions on the apparently bizarre phenomenon. Now, as the rain continues over in California, things are becoming quite hellish, with many on Twitter discussing how the downpour is drenching the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars are taking place tonight.

The rain, which is said to have been on and off all day and is forecasted to be scattered the rest of this Sunday, has had everyone breaking out their umbrellas. Even the Oscar statues were covered with plastic until the rain stopped, with only portions of the red carpet covered by a tented area. Although many in attendance have tweeted that the rain has haulted for the moment, it would be pretty unfortunate if the showers began once the stars arrived. Dior dresses and men’s tuxedos probably don’t mix well with rain.

With only a few hours left before the ceremony begins, it would be extremely beneficial if the weather stopped being so crappy, as drying the red carpet in such a short time span will probably be difficult. And with all the floor-length gowns and stilettos likely to be worn tonight by many an actress, that could cause for some major inconveniences.

I’m assuming most people have experienced what it feels like standing on a wet carpet at some point in their lives. If not, I’m not sure where you’ve been, but I can tell you that it’s not amusing. As much as Jennifer Lawrence eating it on the red carpet would be hilariously adorable and would probably become a record for how many times the same actress trips at the Oscars, I only hope the sky gods will finally call it quits before everyone starts arriving. Seriously though, this just seems like deja vu after a busted pipe flooded the red carpet at the Golden Globes in January.

However, if the rain does continue, I can only hope that all the makeup artists out there are preparing their clients with some waterproof mascara. Plus, who knows… maybe the whole plastic poncho look will actually become a trend. Just kidding though, because Joan Rivers would never allow that.

Images: theacademy/Instagram