What Does Queen Elizabeth Think Of 'The BFG'? The Monarch Plays A Big Role

Roald Dahl was one of the most beloved writers of children's books, so it's always exciting when one of his works gets made into a movie. The latest Dahl adaption is The BFG, in theaters July 1, which is based on the author's 1982 novel of the same name. The story is fictional, but it has one character who seems very similar: a 1980s Queen of England who loves corgis and is friends with American President "Ronnie" and his wife Nancy. Although it is never explicitly stated, it is heavily implied that this Queen is none other than Elizabeth II, who was the monarch of England in 1982 just as she is today. So what does Queen Elizabeth think of The BFG and her portrayal in it?

The Queen has not formally released any statement about her opinions of the movie, but it is worth nothing that Elizabeth II has approved of a few past films that have included her likeness. In 2012, The Weinstein Company proudly shared that The Queen had enjoyed a private viewing of The King's Speech, which depicted her father's struggle with stammering. Also, according to Daily Mail , Queen Elizabeth approved of 2006's The Queen, in which she was portrayed by Helen Mirren.

The cast and crew of The BFG are hopeful that The Queen will approve of their movie, too. The representation of the Queen in The BFG is certainly less prim and proper than the real life monarch, but it is all done with an air of affection and lightness. Penelope Wilton, who plays the Queen in the movie, told USA Today , "It’s putting the Queen in situations you don’t always imagine she’d be in...It’s like laughing in church. You shouldn’t really be doing it, but you cannot help it. She’s someone we have enormous respect for, but mostly great love for the Queen... we also know she has a wonderful sense of humor."

It is especially important to Wilton that Queen Elizabeth approve of The BFG given the fact that the Downton Abbey star was recently made a Dame by the Queen herself. Of the experience, Wilton said to ABC News, "It was rather surreal. Why would you even go around thinking you're going to be made a Dame?" Now that Wilton has the title, though, she is all the more eager to get the Queen's seal of approval on The BFG. "I hope she likes it," Wilton told ABC News. "Otherwise she might say, 'I'm having second thoughts about the Dame part, I don't know."


Director Steven Spielberg, however, does not seem to be overly concerned. He told USA Today that he thinks Queen Elizabeth will be "fine" with how she is portrayed in the film, adding, "We’ll see what the Queen thinks when the time comes, won’t we?"

Hopefully her reaction will be a positive one, and hopefully The BFG will delight Dahl fans past and present.