How Does Chipotle's Chiptopia Summer Rewards Program Work? Here's What You Need To Know To Get Free Burritos

Chipotle is the answer to everything in life. Are you hungry? Chipotle. Hung over? Chipotle. PMSing? Chipotle. Dry skin? Split ends? Bad breath? Chipotle. And now, the Mexican food emporium is rewarding patrons who frequent the establishment multiple times monthly with their Chiptopia remporart rewards program But be forewarned, Chipotleans — it's only for this season, starting July 1. How does the Chipotle Chiptopia summer rewards program work, you ask? Here's all the information you definitely need to know. Because free burritos are serious business.

The mere sound of the word "Chiptopia" conjures up fantasies of swimming pools full of tortilla chips — and hey, guess what? The reality of it does involve chips. In fact, upon signing up for the rewards program (for free!) you get a Chiptopia card, and a free bag of chips with guac. Yes, you actually become a card-carrying member of a special Chipotle club. With guac. What's not to love?

There are a few stipulations, of course. The Chipotle Chiptopia Summer Rewards Program divides customers into three tiers based on how many meals they've purchased — and here's an important thing to remember: The rewards program goes month-to-month, meaning your score resets at the end of the month, setting you back to zero. Also, each meal you purchase has to be at least $6. And finally, you can only purchase one entree per card per day.

Whew! OK. Now that we've got those details out of the way, what about these tiers? Here's how the Chipotle program works:

1. Mild


When you sign up for the program (free chips and guac, holler!), four purchased meals place you in the Mild category. The fifth meal is free!

2. Medium


First, give yourself a pat on the back for making it to Mild. Now, if you want to make it into the Medium category, purchase four more meals — and the ninth one is free.

3. Hot


And a very spicy congratulations to you. Just three more entrees (with one of them being free) and you've made to the Hot category! But remember, it's only for the month.

Extra Bonuses


Making it through the final round isn't the only way to participate and win free schtuff. If you stay in the Mild category for three months, you get one additional free meal. Stay in the Medium level for three months, you get $20 worth of Chipotle swag. Maintain the Hot Category for three months — meaning you eat Chipotle 11 times a month — and you win a catered meal for 20 people! Holy burrito.

Like I said, signing up is free (chips and guac, people), and all locations are participating. Do it. Do it now.

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