This 'Game Of Thrones' Meme Combining The Season 6 Finale With 'Frozen's "Let It Go" Is Pure Brilliance — VIDEO

It's been quite a while since Frozen's "Let It Go" broke the Internet, so I know what you're thinking: It's about time it goes viral again. And hey, good news: it's about to, and it's all thanks to Game of Thrones and one hilarious fan. Prepare yourself: One fan has mashed up "Let it Go" with Game of Thrones for the best meme I've ever seen — specifically, the scene where Cersei watches as the Sept of the Baelor blows up. Get it? It's now literally a song of ice and fire! In the show based off the series A Song of Ice and Fire! Genius. Brilliance. Give this fan an Emmy.

The timing is so perfect that it's unsettling, but it's also satisfying to see the power ballad paired with such a disturbing scene — not to mention it acts as a great addition to the many memes of Cersei's master plan to destroy all her enemies in one fell swoop.

Some of the best moments of the mashup: "The past is in the past," Elsa sings, as the High Sparrow looks horrified and the wildfire starts spreading. Then, the crescendo of the chorus, "Let it go," as the High Sparrow is engulfed in flames, and the green fire overtakes the streets. The best of all: The lyrics, "here I stand in the light of day/ let the storm rage on," as Cersei looks on with a satisfied smile, and raises a glass to herself. The fire really never could bother her anyway.

Even though Cersei and Queen Elsa seem like they couldn't be more different — namely, Cersei's got a lust for revenge and power that led her to destroy half of King's Landing and Elsa, uh, doesn't — it's amazing to see that "Let It Go" and Game of Thrones have more in common than I could have ever imagined.

Image: HBO