The 2014 Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees As Lattes Will Perk Up Your Night

Having a hard time remembering this year's Oscar nominated films? Fear not, because coffee artist Michael Breach has got you covered with every 2014 Best Picture nominee interpreted as latte art. They're pretty, they're delicious (we're assuming), and they create a world in which you can actually take a sip if Matthew McConaughey's handsome face. (Alright, alright, alright.) So, instead of trying to figure out what the hell Kelly Osbourne and Ross Mathews are chattering on about as our favorite stars roll down the red carpet, why not drool over these yummy, frothy creations instead?

After all, the gang's all here: Joaquin Phoenix's exasperated visage in Her; the iconic outline of Bruce Dern's wild hair from Nebraska, McConaughey's handsome face in a ten gallon hat from Dallas Buyer's Club; the grave expression Tom Hanks carries throughout Captain Phillips; George Clooney spiraling through space a la Gravity; Chiwetel Ejiofor's intense countenance representing 12 Years a Slave; the cluster of beloved famous faces including Queen Jennifer Lawrence from American Hustle; Judi Dench's adorable face from Philomena; and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio's smug, yet handsome mug from Wolf of Wall Street in well, a mug. So without further ado, enjoy a delicious mug of Oscar art:


The Wolf of Wall Street



12 Years a Slave


American Hustle

Captain Phillips

Dallas Buyers Club

Images: Courtesy of illy coffee