Rose-Flavored Gummy Bears Are A Thing Now

by Megan Grant

In the arena of trending food, following not far behind rainbow-colored everything seems to be booze-flavored treats; and we've got another one to add to the list: rosé-infused gummy bears. Rosé is tastebud-tingling. Gummy bears are stupendous. It only makes sense that the two combine forces in an intoxicating swirl of chewy delight. What better way to marry a childhood favorite with a fancy adult beverage?

The high-end candy boutique Sugarfina is responsible for the sweet creation, whose debut should be happening by the end of the month. The candy is reportedly already in high demand, with DNAInfo reporting that over 400 people have having signed up to try the rosé-flavored gummy bears at Sugarfina's Upper East Side of Manhattan location. The gummies will come shaped as both bears and roses, and they're made with Whispering Angel Rosé, a brand that claims to be more than wine — it's a life experience.

Not your typical candy store, Sugarfina sells their products by the cube, whicn means you should plan to pay a bit extra for this scrumptious and luxurious treat. You can purchase the rosé-flavored gummies for $8.50 a cube (3.9 ounces), or about $34 a pound.

A quick look at Sugarfina's website reveals all kinds of creative gummy candies, from pineapples and frogs to ice cream cones and pints of pale ale. The rosé gummies will surely be a perfect addition.

I can't decide what I'm more excited about: Alcohol-flavored candy, or how dang beautiful it is. I'd buy it just for decoration on my coffee table.

If rosé isn't quite your thang but you'd like to indulge in another boozy treat, Sugarfina offers quite a few options, including Jamaican Rum Snowballs, Maple Bourbon Caramels, and 24K gold Champagne Marshmallows — champagne-infused, handcrafted, and dipped in gold. Literally. Dipped in gold, people. There's nothing to be further discussed here. Carry on.

Image: Sugarfina