These 'Smallville' Quotes Will Inspire You

by Michelle Lulic

Finding yourself is never an easy thing to do. However, figuring out your identity when you're literally from another planet is certainly a struggle only someone like Clark Kent from Smallville can understand. Although we can't all be superheroes with other-worldly powers, that doesn't mean that we can't each grow into the miraculous human beings we were destined to become. With the help of Superman himself, via a few inspirational quotes from Smallville , we can all find the strength to become heroes. And you don't need to be from Krypton to save the world.

A hero is made of courage, commitment, and a whole lot of support from those around you. If you're still not sure if any of those apply to you, then all 10 seasons of the popular CW show will provide you with a slew of beautiful words to take to heart. Fans' favorite comic book characters from Superman's story — such as Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and more — laid down the laws of what it means to be a hero, helping Clark to grow into the man we all knew he would be. It's hard to not be inspired by that, so here are some Smallville quotes your own inner hero should live by.

1. "If You Look At History, The Great Men And Women Of The World Have Always Been Defined By Their Enemies."

Sometimes, it takes a villain to make a hero. As Lex Luthor pointed out himself, it's the hardships of life that makes a person strong. So get back up, brush yourself off, and start showing your enemies who's boss.

2. "The People Who Are The Worst At Taking Care Of Themselves Are The Ones The World Actually Needs The Most."

Ever feel like you're failing at that whole "adulting" thing? Well, Chloe Sullivan let Superman know that, even when he felt weak, that didn't mean he wasn't wanted and destined to do great things. Keep pushing on, guys.

3. "That's The Thing About Heroes. No Matter How Brightly You Shine The Light On Them, They Always Want To Stay In The Shadows."

Lois Lane had to come face-to-face with the fact that revealing the truth oftentimes isn't the answer. Although you may keep to yourself and not publicize your actions, that doesn't mean it's not all paying off. Being a hero isn't about the praise.

4. "No Matter How Much Someone Has Hurt You Or Betrayed You Or How Much It Seems That Someone Is Evil, At Their Core, Everyone Is Worth Saving."

This quote alone makes me fall in love with Clark Kent. It can certainly be hard to find the good in everyone. But when it comes down to it, everyone needs saving. Are you up for the challenge?

5. "You Can Quit If You Want, But Remember: Quitting's A Very Hard Habit To Break."

Jonathan Kent always had fatherly wisdom readily available. Nothing makes a hero more than the motive to keep pushing on.

6. "Just Because I'm Moving Ahead With My Life Doesn't Mean I'm Letting Go Of Everything That Came Before."

Nothing like some good ol' Martha Kent wisdom to keep a hero in check. Being a hero is great and all... if you never forget where you came from.

7. "You Are Your Own Worst Enemy."

This can be the hardest realization for anyone to make, but these very words can also give you the strength to move forward and defeat your own demons.

8. "There's Nothing Wrong With A Good Fight. Just Remember, The Man Of Tomorrow Is Forged By His Battles Today."

Lex never failed to continue spitting the hard truths. Hardships can change a person, but don't let them get the better of you.

9. "We're All Confronted With Trials, Son. But The True Measure Of A Man Is How He Chooses To React In The Face Of Those Trials."

Can Jonathan Kent say anything wrong? Seriously.

10. "A Hero Is Made In The Moment, Not From Questioning The Past Or Fearing What's To Come."

Is living in the moment the key? Smallville's Brainiac seemed to think so.

11. "We Don't Have The Privilege Of Mistakes. Even If We Don't Expect Perfection From Ourselves, The Rest Of The World Does."

Clark himself truly knows what it takes to be a hero. While perfection may be hard to reach, striving for it is an accomplishment anyone can do.

12. "It's Not What I'm Called That Should Define Who I Am. It's Who I Am That Should Define What I'm Called."

I knew there was a reason why I loved this woman. Lois Lane always knew how to push past the haters to get to where she wanted to be.

13. "In Every Epic Tale, There's Always One Person Who Believes In The Hero First, Someone Who Helps Inspire Them To Greatness."

Chloe knew that Superman couldn't be who he became without those who helped him along the way. So hold those dear to you close; you'll have them to thank one day for the hero you'll become.

14. "You Can Be A Hero. You Just Have To Have Faith In Who You Are And What You're Going To Be."

It's as simple as that. You just keep doing you, and that's pretty heroic.

Don't you feel like you can take on the world now?

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