What is a Shux? Pharrell Ditches The Hat For a Short Tux At 2014 Oscars Red Carpet

In case you forgot that Pharrell is a music industry badass who basically does whatever he pleases, the 2014 Oscars red carpet provided a pretty unforgettable reminder in the form of his latest statement piece: the Shux. Apparently, after showing up to the VMA red carpet with a gaggle of friends on bicycles and forcing the internet to explode when he wore a "Buffalo Girls" inspired hat to the Grammys (and continued to do so just about every where he's been in the past month), Pharrell needed to up the ante. The music mogul, who's nominated for a Best Song Oscar this year for "Happy" (it appeared in Despicable Me 2), waltzed onto the the Oscars red carpet where he casually chatted up Ryan Seacrest with the bottom half of his legs bare: the man has now introduced us to the concept of tuxedo shorts, also known as the shux.

And while the internet is already having a field day with Pharrell's new fashion choice, that man could wear a poncho to the Oscars and we'd let him. How can you argue with a man whose poppy Oscar-nominated tune is the stuff joy is made of? Besides, this isn't actually the first time Pharrell has rocked the unfinished look: in 2012 when he attended the CDFA Fashion Awards. Of course, that's not exactly the the public platform that the Oscars are.

Still, while everyone else is busy talking about how chilly the bottom half of Pharrell's legs must be or the fact that he reminds them of a Von Trapp child, we're looking the big picture here: where the hell are his socks?