The One Thing Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris' Split Can Teach Anyone Going Through A Breakup

Let's start with the cliché: breakups are hard, even for celebrities. Women like Taylor Swift seem to go about dating with ease, bouncing from boy to boy and seemingly enjoying every moment. Swift's recent breakup: Calvin Harris. Swift's recent boy: Tom Hiddleston. It all happened very quickly, and we don't have to understand exactly what goes on in Swift's head for her to be ready enough for another relationship, just as we don't have to understand what goes on in Harris' head for him to not be ready enough for another relationship. And there's something we can learn from both of their reactions.

If you're going through a breakup right now and need a quick tip, the best way to look at the Tayvin breakup is that it is absolutely OK for breakups to be messy, because we all know that this breakup certainly has been.

Sometimes it seems that celebrities like these two are super humans, and that by being the more popular and talented of our species they have the strength we mortals don't have. But breakups are a different animal, and as much as we like to think celebs are love experts, they do still have emotions, and, as the mortals in or out or on the edge of relationships know, emotions control actions.

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Between the talk on social media, the distractions, and the rebounds, there's a distinct similarity between an everyday breakup and this celeb split. Harris' behavior on Instagram and Twitter is normal for any breakup, with unfollowing and alleged subtweets-and-deletes. And while TaySway hasn't really participated on social media, it could be considered a low blow becoming Hiddleswift only two weeks after a major breakup. But, like I said, we don't know what each of them are thinking, and while celebs have "luxury" everything else, they don't have the luxury of getting out of a breakup unscathed.

Whether you're the tweeter or the tweeted, the grieving Snapchatter or the quick rebounder, the aftermath of a breakup is going to weigh on you for a bit, because that's what breakups are. The messiness is normal, even for the superheroes we've created out of these celebrities. Their reactions and emotions are completely human, and any action taken to ease the heartache is what causes the most mess. So if you think you're going through one of the messiest and dirtiest breakups, and that you will never recover from it, know that the turmoil is just part of the process of becoming a better, stronger you, and everyone goes through it.