Comparing Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris’ Post-Breakup Behavior In One Very Telling Chart

If you're still sad about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' breakup, you may want to wipe those tears away. Both parties have moved on — in full throttle, I might add. Seriously, though. They've both propelled their lives forward, but in such different directions. I hate to say it, but Harris' actions seemingly get pettier by the day. Meanwhile, Swift is diving into her relationship with Tom Hiddleston at such a fast pace, she should probably get a speeding ticket. Neither of their behavior seems too extreme, until you compare the two side-by-side. And luckily, here's a chart that does just that.

Don't get me wrong. I don't expect either of them to sit around, pounding down pints of Ben & Jerry's and crying themselves to sleep. However, I want to point out they split on June 1 and it's now July 1. In just a month, so much has happened. First, the "Wildest Dreams" singer kept her spirits up by surprising a fan on his wedding day. Then only two weeks after things ended with Harris, Swift was spotted on a beach nuzzling up to Hiddleston. Out of optimism, people speculated that maybe it was for a movie or a music video. But considering the couple has since attended Selena Gomez's concert together with Swift's other BFF and met one another's parents, it seems pretty legit. Plus, they traveled to England and Rome together.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Harris deleted his polite post-breakup tweet that reassured fans that he and Swift stayed on good terms. He also wore Yeezy shoes on multiple occasions, which definitely could be read as being of spite given his ex's rocky history with Kanye West. Then, there are alleged screenshots showing Harris responding to commenters on Instagram who said he was jealous of Hiddleswift. He referred to himself as "not jealous sir, FREE." But wait — there's more. The DJ posted Snapchats blasting Jessie J's "Domino" lyrics ("I'm feeling sexy and free") and declared that he was feeling that way too. Was dating Tay really that restrictive of an experience? And to top it all off, Harris backed his car into a wall and blamed it on the paparazzi bothering him.

To highlight how much has happened since Swift and Harris' breakup and how different their trajectories have been, check out the chart below.

In the words of Swift, these two are (probably) never ever getting back together — like, ever. But I do wish they could return to that friendly space of "love and respect." As seen in the chart, a lot has happened since their split. If anything, it's too much.