This New 'Game Of Thrones' Prop Has Way More Meaning Behind It Than You Think

Turns out, everything down to the headpieces on Game of Thrones have hidden meaning! In an interview with Vulture, the designer of Cersei's crown in the finale episode of Season 6, Michele Clapton, explained that there's actually a very specific meaning built in to the new crown Cersei rocked as she (spoiler alert!) sat upon the Iron Throne. Apparently, according to Clapton, Cersei's brand new crown on Game of Thrones shows she controls her own destiny now. While Cersei's definitely had a tough time (all her children are dead, that whole walk of shame thing, the horrible husband thing), she has moved away from the pain and back to a place where she's actually quite comfortable: In complete control.

Clapton had this to say to Vulture about the crown:

While her sons took Robert's stag crown upon their kingship, Cersei has chosen to steer away from that. It is truly fascinating to see her depart from the two different items thrust upon her: fate and the inevitable compromises she had to put up with as a woman in The Seven Kingdom. Cersei is reinventing the Lannister name, but she's not doing anything the traditional way — she uses it specifically to get to her goal of the Iron Throne and for nothing else.

Sure, fate told Cersei she would drown in her tears and then be strangled by a "valonqar," aka, "little brother." But Cersei's already circumventing that with her actions, now, especially in the face of all the tragedy she's faced. Her kids were the one thing that humanized her, and with them all dead in devastating ways, there's no telling how ruthless Cersei is going to be, as a lonely woman with nothing to live for — especially with the Lannister name on her crown.

I'm pretty sure Cersei's new crown does a better job prophesying Cersei's future than any warning from Maggy the Frog. We knew this Evil Queen is going to be very lonely. We knew the Lannister name has become less meaningful to her than the Iron Throne. We know that after the death of her son, as Clapton puts it in the Vulture interview, "She is dead inside. There can now be a clarity to her desire: power, the throne, on her terms.”


All these things we know based on the prophecy and the backstory of Cersei's crown can only mean one thing — Cersei's storyline in Season 7 is going to be crazy.

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