The 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll' Season 2 Soundtrack Features Even More Hits From The Assassins

The Assassins are back on FX, as Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll returns for Season 2 on Thursday night, and the band will have even more new music to enjoy from the rock band. The comedy series is also sure to bring the funny in the second season's 10 episodes this summer. You might be wondering where to get the Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll soundtrack and you're in luck, because the Season 1 album is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Additionally, Amazon already has some upcoming Season 2 releases listed on the site, but it looks like they won't be available until after their respective episodes air.

For those who need a refresher, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll follows the appropriately-named aging rocker Johnny Rock (Leary) as he struggles to make it in the music industry and bond with his grown daughter Gigi (Elizabeth Gillies) in their band The Assassins. The Season 1 finale showed Gigi getting exploited by a recording contract and an Assassins song being used for commercial during the NBA Playoffs. According to the Wall Street Journal, the series will be more mature in Season 2. "Denis has taken it in a different direction," said John Corbett, who plays Flash on the show. "A more adult direction. It was a bit of ‘setup, setup, d–k joke’ last year. ‘Setup, setup, d–k joke,’ and he’s moved away from that, which I think might be a smart play.”

So what songs are on deck for the second season of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll? Check them out below.

"Bang Bang"

Gigi is fierce in this preview music video for the sexy Season 2 song posted by FX.

"Ain't No Valentine"

According to Amazon, this track is expected to drop on June 30. From the title, perhaps this will be Gigi venting about her breakup with Flash (John Corbett).


This song, to be released on Amazon on July 14, is by Johnny's love interest Ava X (Elaine Hendrix) and Liza Colby. I have to wonder if this song was inspired by Johnny at all. The above promo shows that the couple will go through some challenges as Ava X gains fame and becomes a big headliner, while Johnny is still, well, Johnny.

"Go Funk Yourself"

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This one will be available on July 7 and is sung by The Davvy O’s and Rebecca Naomi Jones, a Broadway actress who will play Davvy, a sexy downtown singer, as reported by Deadline. Could this be a rival band?

"Don't Break Me Too"

Amazon will release this song by The Assassins on July 14. Judging by the title, it sounds this one is going to be an emotional one.

"Just Let Me Go"

You'll have to wait until July 28 for this Assassins song to drop on Amazon and bring all the feels the name of it seems to have.

It looks like there will be a lot of music and new challenges for The Assassins to look forward to when Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Season 2 premieres on June 30.

Images: FX (4)