Cindy & Kaia Twinned In A Fellow Model's Design

Cindy Crawford's 14-year-old daughter is the spitting image of the supermodel. They are lookalikes. But mom and daughter, who is also a budding model, took it a step further by dressing exactly alike. Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber were twinning in matching black outfits and aviator shades. A tumble of warm brown hair framed both of their beautiful faces and they were perched on a pair of matching white chairs. These two are super cute without being cutesy, thanks to the silhouette of their shared jumpsuit. Crawford could never deny that Gerber is her daughter because their DNA is so completely and totally obvious in their faces. Their facial similarities are as haunting as they are gorge.

If you are loving their loose black jumpsuits, well, I have some seriously good news. You and your mom or your BFF or your fave relative can totally twin and wear this exact same outfit. Crawford revealed in the caption of her post that she and Gerber were wearing fellow model Coco Rocha's CO+CO clothing line, which launched earlier this year.

Models wearing models! The support among models is strong.

The CO+CO official Instagram account also confirmed that Crawford and Gerber were rocking their Cheyenne jumpsuit. Mom is showing a bit more skin, as her top is unbuttoned. Gerber appears to be fully buttoned up.

These two were stunning in anything-but-basic black.

Doesn't Cheyenne look so comfy?

Cheyenne Jumpsuit, $278, CO+CO

The jumpsuit is an investment piece, due to its price. But the classic cut will remain in style forever and you can wear it for multiple seasons and years to come. That means the cost-per-wear is minimal. It's day-to-night and can be dressed up or down.

D-Ring Surplice Jumpsuit, $27.90, Forever 21

This charcoal version is tapered at the leg and long-sleeved. But it's also a similar budget version if Cheyenne doesn't (jump)suit your wallet. It's such a flattering cut.

Images: Cindy Crawford/Instagram (1); CO+CO/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Brands (2)