Nick Jonas' Secret Fear Must Make Being A Popstar Really Difficult — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Nick Jonas is young, good-looking and incredibly gifted — it's hard to imagine him facing many challenges in his life. However, we have an exclusive Live Nation video interview from Jonas' tour in which the star which reveals his secret fear — it turns out he's scared of something that makes being a popstar with an international touring schedule to fulfil pretty challenging. In the first of three questions, Jonas is asked what scares him most. "You know, I hate flying — I'm not big on flying," says the star. And there you were thinking your commute to work was the worst, right?

Luckily for Jonas, the furthest he has to travel to for his 2016 tour dates is Canada, something which totally doesn't have to involve a plane, right? Just a very, very long road trip — let's hope he's got a few books in mind for the journey. Jonas must be embracing life as a solo artist — as one of the Jonas Brothers he was required to travel to destinations as far flung as Russia, Singapore and the Philippines on their World Tours and presumably did so by air.

But the video doesn't stop there. Jonas is also asked about his favorite on-stage dance move and what song he likes to sing in the shower and he's very witty indeed about the latter: see for yourselves.

Live Nation on YouTube

The most appealing aspect of the video for me is how much it brings the star down to earth. Sure, Jonas may have previously made it (along with his brothers) onto the Forbes' top 100 list but he still finds the thought of flying pretty scary — also, same, dude. After all, in the words of Louis C.K., "You’re sitting in a chair in the sky!" While Louis C.K. uses this sentence to emphasise the joy and wonder of flight, it also emphasises how much more scared most rational fliers can be — flying is taking the choice to suspend yourself thousands of kilometres above the earth's surface. Why would any sane person choose to do such a thing? Oh, OK then: holidays, great weather, and guaranteed sunshine. Or in Jonas' case, the adulation of thousands of screaming international fans, which doesn't sound too bad, either.

So next time you hop on a flight, spare a thought for the youngest Jonas brother. He may have wealth, he may have prodigious pop talent, but he also probably has to do the one thing he really hates a lot. Nick, serious snaps for overcoming your phobia for your international fans — we appreciate it.