Should You Wash Your Hair In The Night Or Morning?

In the midst of these sticky summer months, when you wake up in the middle of the night, with sweat forming at the nape of your neck, one question might be keeping you up at night: Should you wash your hair in the morning or at night? During summer, you might be wondering if it's counterintuitive to wash your hair at night, considering the possibility that you might sweat (more than usual) in your sleep. But, on the other hand, who has time to wash, dry, and style their hair in the morning, on top of everything else you have to fit into your morning routine? Morning hair washers, I salute you!

This hair washing debate is similar to the ongoing dilemma of whether you should shower at night or in the morning, however the addition of washing your hair as well as your bod, IMO, makes the decision even more difficult. While you're weighing up the pros and cons, you can of course forgo washing your hair for about a week – or longer if you dare – but your tresses are obviously not going to be looking as fresh as when you're rocking clean locks.

So to help make your decision a little easier, I asked a bunch of experts for their advice on this slippery subject.

Tyler Colton, a Honey Hairstylist, says it's down to your hair type and preference, "If you have fine and/or oily hair you should wash your hair in the morning and usually everyday, but just focus the shampoo at the root area and let the lather run through the ends." Colton continues, "If you have medium to thick texture hair it makes no difference if you shampoo in the morning or in the evening. It is all based on your preference and how you are styling your hair that morning."

Amy Bradbury, hairstylist at Kennaland, is on the same page when it comes to your hair type and when to wash it. Bradbury says, "It all depends on your hair type.... If you have thin/fine hair which tends to get sapless and style doesn't last, then I would say it's best to wash it in the morning." She also explains, "If you have thick coarse/curly hair, then washing it at night may be best. Full curly hair I would say, wash and diffuse, mostly dry at night, then let it dry the rest of the way as you sleep. If you like a style or blowout, you can do it the night before – the hair will settle as you sleep or you can dry style it in the morning."

Michael David, stylist at Antonio Prieto Salon, tells me it all depends on the look you want to achieve, "If you like your hair sleek and polished then washing your hair in the morning is best. If you’re more into the beachy look, then wash it the night before. Using a texture spray like Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave or Kerastase VIP Spray on dry hair the night before can give you more volume when you wake up."

Nate Rosenkranz, a Honey Artist Hairstylist, explains if you wash your hair at night and sleep on it, "'re going to have to touch it up in the morning before heading out, but it will definitely take less time to touch up then to fully style." So it's up to you to decide whether you have the spare time in the morning to fully style your 'do, or make some more minimal adjustments.

Wesley O'Meara, a Honey Artist Hairstylist, agrees that it depends what you prefer, "Well, I really hate when people leave the house with wet hair! So, it is just a matter of preference really. I love hair that is washed at night and then slept on – gives it a really cool texture and wave if you tie the hair up! But, for my sake, if you wash your hair in the morning, give it a blow dry!"

Bradbury explains it all amounts to what's easiest for you, "I would say for most people it's easier to wash at night. That way it's less work and time you have to spend on your hair in the morning."

At the end of the day, there are recommended times to wash different types of hair, but it's really down to you, your preferences, and how you want to spend your mornings and evenings. So when it comes to debating whether you should wash your hair at night or in the morning, we're really just all splitting hairs!

Images: Fotolia; RyanMcGuire (1) /Pixabay; Bustle