Russia Invades Ukraine: 5 Ways The U.S. Could Respond

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On Friday, Russian military forces occupied the Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine, and since then, U.S. officials have pledged that the occupation wouldn’t come without a price. President Obama said on the day of the occupation — or invasion, depending on who you ask — that there would be “costs” to any military action in Ukraine, and Secretary of State John Kerry doubled down on that on Sunday, boasting that there would be a “huge price” to Vladimir Putin's actions. Meanwhile, a number of Senators have demanded a strong U.S. response to Russia’s actions, and

But what might this response look like? While U.S.-led military intervention seems unlikely, the West nevertheless has a number of options at its disposal. Here are a couple of them. Note that these aren’t mutually exclusive; they could, and in fact may, be used in conjunction with one another.

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