Ellen DeGeneres Calls Liza Minnelli a Drag Queen & it Was Probably the Meanest Thing She's Ever Said

Ellen has so far been NAILING IT as this year's Oscars host. And who would expect any less? She's one of the few people in the business who can get the biggest A-Listers to dance their dorkiest moves in front of live studio audiences day after day. So it's no surprise that she's taken to the Oscars stage with great ease (in a sparkly, velvety three-piece suit no less) and everyone has responded to her loving pokes and prods with great delight. Things took a bit of a sharp left turn when Ellen turned her attention to the living legend Liza Minnelli.

She noted that it was the "best Liza Minnelli impersonator I've ever seen." Not only was it totally awkward to call the actress a drag queen...she even stuttered along as she said it. Maybe Ellen was a little nervous to make fun of Liza so harshly since her wife Portia DiRossi has worked with Liza for years on Arrested Development .

Liza looked a bit perplexed and guffawed by the joke, but all in all took it well. She's a professional after all ...and bold enough to rock bright blue hair at the age of 67. Thankfully, Ellen kept things popping along after the Minnelli jab. And if that's the worst it got...well, we're still in a way WAY better place than we were last year. Considering Ellen is such a champion of LGBT rights, it's a but perplexing she'd make a joke about Minnelli's identity or gender. But then again, maybe they know each other well enough for it to be okay. Though Minnelli's reaction told us otherwise.

Let's play nice, eh? Remember, being mean is why we didn't let Seth MacFarlane back.