Emma Watson's Tina Turner Ringtone Goes Off In The Middle Of An Interview & Her Reaction Is A Life Lesson — VIDEO

It's every interviewee's worst nightmare: Having your phone go off in the middle of the interview. It's a startling mishap that takes you out of the moment, undoubtedly leaves you flustered and embarrassed, and, perhaps worst of all, makes you appear unprofessional (particularly as you frantically panic and wonder how the hell you forgot to put that mothereffer on vibrate). Well, this whole thing happened to Emma Watson (on camera, no less!) when she stopped by to chat about her new film Colonia on ITV's Lorraine. Yep: Watson's ringtone went off in the middle of the interview — but she was saved by the bell (and in this case, the "bell" was the sweet sounds of Tina Turner's hit "Steamy Windows").

Watson was in the middle of describing her research for the film when, out of nowhere, the familiar strains of Tina Turner's iconic vocals suddenly blasted out of the actor's phone, which was resting on the table beside her and the interviewer.

"That is my phone," she declared, laughing and embarrassed as she quickly shut the ringer off. "Tina Turner." Fortunately, the interviewer said it was the best ringtone he's ever heard.

"I'm glad I'm forgiven because it's Tina Turner. Otherwise, that would've been terrible," Watson said, laughing again. "I'm so sorry."

Sure, all was good because, one, this is Emma Watson we're talking about; two, the unexpected moment would actually get the video more views and the interview more press than normal; and three, the interviewer was more than forgiving. But we can really learn some tips from Watson's reaction to the whole thing. Yes, it caught her off-guard and it was obvious that she was surprised and flustered, but she still managed to remain calm, collected, and composed. And by instantly joking about the incident, she quickly diffused the situation and actually turned it into an endearing fact about herself: Emma Watson is automatically that much more relatable now that the interviewer (and the world) know that Tina Turner blasts from her phone any time someone gives her a ring.

Lastly, she apologized, but she didn't fall all over herself doing so. She kept the apology in line with the indiscretion: It was short, sweet, and sincere, but she didn't go overboard. Forgetting to turn her ringer off was embarrassing and a brief interruption, sure, but it wasn't a deal-breaker by any means. In fact, the whole hilarious moment ultimately succeeded in making Watson even more adorably likable than she already is.

Now, I just wonder who was calling her...